22 PKR Division Heads or Representatives gathered from noon until 7pm to voice dissatisfaction to Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim but failed to do so. The reason is only one and they want to voice their dissatisfaction of as some members do not made the selection for local councillors by Tan Sri Khalid, the Selangor MB.



“These people braved water cannons and beatings and have been loyal to PKR for all the years…” claimed a fella named Dr. Badrul Amin Bahron, PKR Sabak Bernam.

What is this? So you are threatening and want to be rewarded for your loyalty. I think you all are in the wrong party mate! Don’t you think Anwar has no better think to do right now like busy with his calculator trying to figure out how to safe the nation from the increasing fuel prices or busy counting the numbers of MPs that plan to cross over.


Whatever Anwar is doing I just believe that what his aides should do is to send this people to meet Abdullah just like Ezam did.