Dearest Chai Kee,

A lot of things have swept us apart since my last email. Nevertheless, not a moment pass by without me thinking about writing you some digital letter about our beloved Kelantan. However, as we use to say during those old days, ‘masa selalu cemburukan kita”.

In your email yesterday, you asked me about the news you read on TheStar Online about Election Commission Chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman’s statement that the cabinet did not approve the indelible ink for March 8 polls, yet he was told to take full responsibilities about the matter.

The PM, Dollah Kaki Wayang was fast to deny it and brushed it aside by saying that ‘it was only suggestion we made to the EC chairman, it was up to him to think it over and agree or to proceed with the original decision to use the ink”.

According to today’s paper, EC Chairman Tan Sri Rashid said the cabinet decided not to approve the proposal to use indelible ink “on the day of Parliament dissolution, on Feb 13”.

Dearest Chai Kee,

5 days before the fateful election, 3 most senior persons within the power went on national and international media to denounce the use of the indelible ink, even at one point claimed it to be unconstitutional. The three jokers are the AG, the IGP and off cause, Rashid too wouldn’t miss it for the world.

It was the saddest day for many of us whom worked hard to fight for electoral reform. I have seen and still remember those who wheeled themselves to be with us to march to the Istana Negara to put forward our demand. Rashid, at that time questioned our motives because he said, EC had agreed with our demand for the usage of indelible ink. That day, we felt like the world has crumbled on us.

On May 6th, Minister of Home Affairs said in a written reply to YB Fong Po Kuan that police did not find evidence of smuggled indelible ink and statement made by complainants and witnesses were rumours, but during that media circus when the three jokers went on national and international media, the IGP was adamant, ‘arrest’ will be made soon!

However, please take note that Dollah Kaki Wayang latest soap opera when he was quoted by today newspaper as saying, ‘a week’ before Parliament was dissolved, the cabinet had made the suggestion, giving its reasons why it did not want the ink to be used.

“We received information that some quarters had brought the ink although they had no authority to do so and we are suspicious that it could be used to cause confusion and complications during the voting process”.

Is this to prove that the Malaysian Cabinet led by the Dollah Kaki Wayang acted based on rumours and speculations? Aren’t they are the ones who reminded us over and over again not to believe in rumours and speculations? Bastard!

Dearest Chai Kee,

This is the sad state Malaysians are in nowadays. Lucky you to be in faraway land where you can walk tall without people knowing you are a Malaysian. I used to be proud to be a Malaysian. I used to walk tall in foreign land and when people approached me asking where am I from, I proudly said, “Malaysia”. And they said, “Malaysian? Mahathir? Good country, we love it!” And when a transvestite or more of a drag queen, passed in front of our cab, the cab driver suddenly turned and pointed at the drag queen as said, “Mr. Anwar!” Yes, we do have good laugh.

Now I wonder what will make the foreign cab driver turns and remind us of our current Prime Minister?

Dearest Chai Kee,

At 6.15 am on the election day, as I about to lie down to sleep, I received a call asking me to shoot immediately to Tanah Merah, because the first sign of clone voters had appeared. The video below is what we captured to prove why we fight for the indelible ink so much. The same video was given to Al Jazeera International as the prove that we are not the boy who cried wolf!