KJ better watch out. Maya has lay out her plan to be a YB. Ironically it is all thanks to the wild gossip about their so-called affairs. As a first step, yesterday evening Maya got her first crash course on the role of Member of Parliament from MP of Wangsa Maju, ‘Abe’ Wee Choo Keong.

All my previous get-together with Maya lasted less than half an hour as we indulged nothing further than just talking about Shuhaimi Baba to Majid Majidi, nevertheless, yesterday’s meeting lasted more than three hours and our discussion ranged from Khairy Jamaluddin to Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz and the future of reinventing the cinema in Kelantan.

When I posed to Maya about KJ, she has this to say, “I wish that more people are willing to openly ask me about it”.

Maya told me that when the gossip started in 2006, she do not even know who is KJ, because of that her answer was quite vague and more like, Khairy who? “If only it is as hot as before now, I will love to answer it properly”.

The incident however has turned Maya to be politically aware. Since than, she has put a lot of effort and interest into Malaysia’s politics. And yesterday, Maya surprised me with her aggressiveness in talking politics.

Maya even sketching a plan to go to Parliament to witness the Dewan Rakyat’s sitting. If this does happens, then all the interested politicians can queue up at the lobby to ask he about the hot gossips, which includes all sorts of nonsense. Then this matter can be put to rest and everybody can commence a new gossip.

As for now, YB bro Wee and me hopes Maya will take up our offer of joining us as Yang Berblog by opening he own blog.

Good luck girl!