Siti Nur Azreen Has Landed

It was a very sad moment witnessing how Dato’ Husam of Kijang Care, Alex Ong of Migrant Care and father, Che Ishak Che Kob trying so hard to conceal the 13 years old girl from the harassment of the camera flash and the rest of onlookers. That is the reality.

The excitement of waiting and rejoicing the triumph of bringing back the girl which Malaysian Government never really care about suddenly change when the team sent by Kijang Care walked out of the terminal around 9pm last night.

Alex Ong of Migrant Care in the centre, Azreen and his father hidden behind Alex

The father, Che Ishak Che Kob embraced Husam tightly and cried. He kept on thanking Husam for the successful task while at the same time tried to hide his daughter. Then he started to plead to the members of the press to stop taking photos of Siti Azreen.

“Sudah banyak rintangan yang dia lalui, tolong, cukuplah, tolong…. Cukuplah (She has gone through too much, please have mercy on her, it’s enough)”, he politely appealed to the press.

The entourage than left the terminal to an undisclosed location. It is believed than Siti Azreen later was united with the rest of the family, which are waiting for her for almost four months.

On the 25th December 2007, Bernama reported that a 12 years old girl went missing after leaving her home at the workers’ quarters in Ladang Ulu sawah, Rantau, Negeri Sembilan.

Che Ishak lodged a missing person’s report at the Kuala Sawah police station when her daughter failed to return home. After losing hope with the police, he than appealed for help from the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan and the public.

The plight of the father caught Husam’s attention. Husam than used his link to follow the lead which pointing at Azreen being taken out of the country by an Indonesian man. With the help of a friend, Alex Ong who is also one of Husam’s many advisers, they identified that the man are from a place called Lombok in Indonesia.

Husam then used his Kijang Care to form a team of four people including Alex who is with Migrant Care, which got vast networking in Indonesia and sent them to Lombok in search of Siti Nur Azreen. Husam reported the journey in his personal blog, Cetusan Hati.

“She is 13 years old, the post-traumatic period will be difficult for her. Please respect her privacy, that is what is best for her”, Husam appealed to the press.

In the press conference held at LCCT, Husam lashed out at the Malaysian Police which despite all the networking and intelligence machinery, yet failed to utilise it for the right purposes and in this case, solving the missing person case.

Husam also is very upset with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Malaysia for not making it easy for them to bring back Azreen.

Kijang Care, a foundation which at this moment only has less than three thousands ringgit in its account has proved than if we put all our effort at the right place, we can solved what is deem unsolved by those authorities.

“Kijang Care is committed to rebuild Azreen’s life. She is my adopted daughter now and I will work hard to see that she will make it”, said Husam who has 7 children and all boys.

“Kijang Care is a small foundation, we do not have much, what we have are what being donated from friends and Malaysians, I received two thousand ringgit from a friend in Australia to help finance this mission, I thank those who have donated to Kijang Care, I cannot offer other than to promise that this will not be last case we solve, I am looking into a lot of other cases too, God willing, with the help of other Malaysians and with what ever strength I have, we will make it together”, Husam continues.

Husam also praised the press for their effort to highlight Azreen’s case but pleaded to them to now close the chapter and do not intrude into the girl’s privacy. “She is 13 years old, the post-traumatic period will be difficult for her. Please respect her privacy, that is what is best for her”.

What happens to her and why it happens to her is now history. It will not help her if we keep on talking about it.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that we should keep on talking about, which is about those who we gave the power and trust but failed to utilise it.

Siasah reported that Alex Ong said the authority queried him after he managed to locate Azreen in Lombok. They wanted to know why he worked so hard to support the effort of Vice President of PAS to solved this case, “Ini kes orang kecik (yang tak punya apa), kerajaan tidak peduli orang kecik, jadi kenapa khuatir jika ada yang mahu menolong? (This is the case of a nobody, the Government do not care about this, so what’s wrong if someone else wants to care?)”

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