Photo courtesy of Jed Yoong

15th April 2007, the day I started my service in Kelantan. I arrived back in Kelantan on the 14th April 2007. My mum waited to have dinner with me. Bro Jasny of Unpublished Notes picked me up at the airport. 

In the morning of the 15th April 2007, my mum arranged for a ‘prebet sapu’ to take me to the office. Husam was in KL but informed me that everything should be okay. 

Actually it was not quite okay. Immediately after I stepped into the office, I was told about the internal bickering and power struggle. I was told a plan has been put on the table to move me out of the office so I shall face less pressure. 

The first thing I do was to text someone in KL and the reply I got was “They call themselves an Islamic Government?” 

Later, I got a call from Saifuddin Nasution who politely introduced himself to me and apologise for not being in KB to help me around. Next thing, Brother Khir came and took me somewhere where he told me everything should be okay. 

My first day within the corridor of power in Kelantan was filled with variety of accusations from being a spy to being a munafiq. But I made a lot of friends to whom until today I am proud to get acquaintance with. 

My UMNO background was a huge liability. Before my courtesy visit to Tok Guru Nik Aziz, I was tutored on how to explain to Tok Guru if he asked me about my UMNO things. 

At the end, my courtesy visit to him happens in just 60 seconds. I walked in and kiss his hand and introduce myself, Tok Guru looked at me and asked, “Anak sapa ni?” 

“Anak Tuan Bidah, cucu Gemullah Tuan Long” I explained. “Ah sudah, kita ni waris” Said Tok Guru and he walked out of the room. The courtesy call ends. It is obvious when he sign the instruction appointment; it is not because somehow we are related. 

Tok Guru’s statement was a huge relieved to everybody around me. Later, in a meeting, I was introduced as ‘waris Tok Guru’, which help to reduce the pressure. 

As a film student, I am taught to do things with passion. I am taught to give 110% or not to do it at all. I uphold the discipline into my set and I learned to love those whom I am working with. 

I brought the same sentiment into my new venture. To serve and to love. 

And now after 1 year, I can only say, I love every moment of it. To all the readers of Kickdefella, thanks for the support. Thanks for being around during the ups and downs. We have made it through together.