On the 2nd January 2007, I wrote this piece in this blog,

“…This reminds me of a-long-lost-friend-of-mine by the name of Yasin. He always wants to be the captain of our football club. However, physically Yasin is too small and fragile; he cannot make decision and always have to follow his father on holiday’s trip. Not to forget, he sleeps a lot too. Nevertheless, Jan 1, 1979, Yasin, the small kid took the kampong by storm. He managed to get hold of his father’s 1978 playmate’s calendar. He cut a hole just at the right place and shoves Miss December …. (to read more please click here)

Today let me continue the anecdote. After a while, everybody started to loose interest in football and as Yasin’s compilation beginning to depreciate, Yasin started to be marginalised again by everybody. Our team was in a state of total death.

Than came Jani, offered himself to captain the team. Without much hesitation, Yasin hand over the armband to Jani. Nobody given Jani any hope as nobody believed in the football team anymore. Jani has to start from scratch. Jani has been very patience dealing with the decaying team of horde of useless players.

It took Jani half a year to bring everybody back as a team and almost the same length to make it a winning team again. Jani wasted one year without collecting a single cents yet he has to save his own to get the team a new ball.

But after three straight wins against another team led by Meran Gajah of Bayu Bayam, our former import player, insubordination erupted within the team. Out of the blue, everybody seems interested to lead the team and to hold the team’s fund. Jani was put on trial for breach of trust. Accusations upon accusation were thrown upon Jani. I was supposed to stand by him because I am his deputy in the team, yet I choose to leave him to take it alone.

Jani left the team without ever play a single game with us again. Jani is an orphan, both his parents died before I had moved to the village. He was living with his grandma who taught us ‘mengaji Quran’. Soon after the episode, he left the village. In 1994, I got the news that he was found dead by the sidewalk in front of Bank Bumi in Wakaf Siku. I was told that he died of drug overdose.

Suddenly Jani’s tale started to haunt me again. I choose to return to Kelantan because I want to be close to my mum and to serve someone that I held high in respect and love. He gave me an assurance and I hold it close to my heart.

I hope he won’t do to me what I did to Jani although my fate seems to replicates his. Neither, will I survive power struggle because power never interest me, nor will I waste my time fighting those greedy jerks.

Oh, by the way, I did have an interesting telephone conversation with Sang Kelembai two days ago. Perhaps, another telephone conversation with him will do no harm.

Doh Svee Dah Nyah.