My family and me wished to thanks all for the condolences posted around the blogs including mine.


According to the doctor, Super Mum passed away at 5.45 pm yesterday, Saturday, 29 March 2008. 19 days after she celebrated her 70th birthday.


I have utilised my annual leave until end of this week as we planned to bring her back to Kota Bharu. I was supposed to see her on Wednesday.


On Friday, my kids and me arrived at Pulau Lang Tengah for holiday, which I had promised them. On the Friday evening, my sister phoned me at told me that they have taken Super Mum home. I engaged into a short conversation with her. I told her I will see her on the Wednesday and asked her if she wants me to bring anything from Kelantan. 


My sister told me that the hospital had told her about mum’s both leg has started to die off and considering her situation and complication, they will not do anything. We agreed that, it’s best to let nature take its cause.


I kept the situation surrounding mum’s health away from the kids as I do not want to distract them.


However, yesterday, around six, Al, my eldest came down to the beach and told me to call my sister.


“Abah will call Taima later”, I told Al. Al just stood there and stared at me, “Abah, Call Taima Illah now!”, He said.


I watched him and we both walked to the room. I sensed something is not quite right.


Before I call my sister, I asked Al what is going on. “Abah call Taima Illah lah….”. “Al, cakaplah apa Taima Illah cakap?”


Al started to cry and he told me this, “Abah, nenek dah meninggal…”


I hugged Al and we know that luck is not on our side this time. 

I will miss my mum. Who would not? I just wish I were given one more day with her, we all wished for that, aren’t we?


I wished to thank Bro Rocky, Tony, Zorro, Monty, Amin, Sis Nuraina and Sis Maria and to all for the support. Thank you. Thanks for being there. 


Mum always told me, “kawan bermain senang di cari, kawan menangis belum tahu…”


I love you Mum!