Global Media Channel reported that Idris Jusoh, Rasol Wahid and Din Adam has  lost their Datukship with immediate effect. 

Original News 

HRH The Agong has spoken. The King has sent Dollah on a deep shit expedition. It surely will not be an easy one for Dollah especially after he was given the ultimatum to accept the appointment of the Terengganu Menteri Besar or face more shit on his face. 

Dollah was asked to provide the detail expenditure of the RM1.2B a year that Idris Jusoh received from the federal government since he became the MB of Terengganu.

Are we going to see the establishment of a Royal Commission if Dollah fails to present to the King the detail expenditure?

Are we also going to know who is the real MB of Terengganu from 2004 until March 2008? Who is Patrick Badawi and what is his relationship with Kamaluddin Abdullah’s wife? What is the business relationship between Kamaluddin and Patrick Badawi? Why is the RM50M Crystal Mosque actually cost ten times higher upon finishing? Why is RM350M was spent annually on Monsoon Cup and how has it benefits the poor in Terengganu? With only four years to go for Terengganu to enjoy the gas and petroleum, why are Terengganu still listed amongst the poorest state in Malaysia and with such a huge default in federal loans, etc, etc, etc and etc……. the list continues.

Surely, this is really a deep shit fishing trip for Dollah Derhaka. How will Khairy Jamaluddin comes handy this time.


How King Patrick’s spent the money


And he enjoyed it so much


Only King Patrick can advise Dollah


But Back in Seri Perdana, The King has to report to The Boss, Mr Scomi Guy 


This is to make Dollah Derhaka Feels Good 


And Idris Jusoh must remain as MB for this to continue


But The Real King says NO and we say Daulat Tuanku!