Anwar attempts to be the Prime Minister via the back door, which he believed is safer for him, had failed. A member of Dewan Negara or Senator cannot be a Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Anwar now has to take the risk of legal penetration via by election. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is now ready to vacant his seat at Bandar Tun Razak for Anwar to contest.

Sources from BN and PKR are now agreeable that the loose coalition of the opposition front already have 30 MPs ready to join them. While BN already identified those 30 MPs, which are ready to cross over, sources from PKR, however remain silent about it.

The majority of the people have chosen not to give a 2/3 majority to BN anymore. Nevertheless, they are not ready to give the government to the opposition just yet. Anwar Ibrahim however is not willing to wait for another four to five years.

He is ready to use all the back doors to turn the table and to form the next government. Anwar’s supporters are understandably delighted with this prospect. However, those who have given their protest votes to the opposition are beginning to worry.

Those who voted the opposition out of protest against BN believed that it is better for the opposition to use this term to try to neutralise these protest votes and turn them into votes of support in PRU13. 

They felt very much betrayed to know that Anwar is trying to legitimise their protest votes as the sign of acceptance for Anwar to be the next PM in these next couple of months.

While Anwar’s supporters believed that Anwar deserved to be the next PM, because of all the hard work and misery he had to go through, this alone is not a fully democratic way of giving the Premiership to Anwar. 

The majority has chose to retain BN in power with lesser control in the parliament, period.

While PKR and Anwar are on attacked mode towards Najib, not much is done by them to diminish the Pak Lah’s image. Anwar also rather spent only 90 minutes in Rembau, which to some raised so many questions regarding Anwar’s sincerity towards refusing Khairy a legitimate position in the BN. 

The majority has mark PRU12 as a transition period for the opposition to prove themselves in the 4 states that they newly handed to the opposition. While the opposition manifesto sounds good on paper, they will have to use this term to execute it and make believe that they can deliver. PRU13 will then be the real battle to whom the next government of Malaysia should the majority handed too.

But, if Anwar still prefers to use the backdoor to snatch the government from the choice of the majority, than, BN will have to defend it by revealing everything they have about Anwar. 

Yes, we heard a lot about Anwar but we yet to see the prove. At this critical moment in the history of Malaysia, the majority need to know everything if actually there is anything at all. 

The most important thing about forming a stable government is the balance of power within it. If the government is form without having the balance in power and do not reflect the complexity of the masses, it will surely cause instability as certain group will start to feel insecure.

Insecurity is a sign of incoming catastrophe. Till date, Anwar has yet to address this issue.