I walked into Cigar Divan and asked for Awang Adek’s Cigar. They told me Awang Adek’s always asked for Davidoff  but they do not keep the stock so he always end up smoking Cohiba.

Cohiba that he smoked cost me RM130, but the info I got from those in Restoran Hayaki, Awang Adek always brag about his cigar which cost him RM500 per cigar. 

Before he became MP for Bachok and join the cabinet, he used to smoke Romeo & Julliet which is much cheaper.

I was told he smoked at minimum 3 cigar a day and if the cigar cost him RM500, it already cost him RM1,500 per day. That will total up to RM45,000 per month and RM547,000 per year, minimum!.

He is not a millionaire so it is impossible for him to be burning that much money every year. Unless he is one but he never declare his asset properly.

If he become the MB of Kelantan, I am sure a lot of people willing to sponsor his cigars. I am also sure he is willingly to let go all the timber for the sake of free cigar.

Dear readers, please help the people of Bachok and The State of Kelantan. Get me more info on this company called Rexit. Let us get this guy before he get to us.