Annuar Musa did not announce the list of BN Kelantan’s candidates from the UMNO Kelantan’s HQ but instead he chooses to announce it from the comfort zone of his home.

The surprising thing about the list was all UMNO Kelantan Top Gun had run to Parliament including the Commander in Chief itself, Annuar Musa who forced Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad to swapped parliamentary seat with Annuar’s own state seat.

Meanwhile, rarely known within Kelantan, Dato’ Awang Adek Husain was sent to contest state seat and after much negotiation, his name was at the eleventh hour included in his current parliamentary seat. While other names for parliamentary seat were properly type for the press release, Awang Adek’s name where handwritten in a hush manner.

It seems that even Awang Adek refused to stand in S21 Perupok state seat but was force to do so. At the end of the day after much negotiations, if you can called threatening and calling names as one, he willingly to accept but only if he will also contest for parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile, Datuk Alwi was very angry for being sent to contest in the state seat. Datuk Alwi had warned Annuar Musa that he will make sure Annuar will not enjoyed the support of his machinery in retaliation to the swapping.

The future of BN in Kelantan, as for today, is not encouraging at all. Are they playing to win when they fielded only the reserves? Awang Adek himself is not an influential figure within UMNO Kelantan and do not enjoy the respect of his peers. How is he going to captain the depleted team?

It’s a doomsday for BN in Kelantan. And to rub salt to their wound, PAS Kelantan has confirmed that they do not need to field Maya Karin as one of their female candidate as it is not necessary to do so.


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