Few of my past posting, reflects the sentiments of the fence sitter, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I have made known my opinion on the current situations. I have made my prediction.

My opinion, I am sure, is not mine alone. Maybe few hundred thousand shared the same sentiment. These few hundred thousand shall be the one that going to determine the winner. If those opposition supporters and opposition leaders ask themselves, why they never win more than they won before, it is simply because they fail to attract these voters.

If they keep insulting our opinion, as what some of the PKR, DAP and PAS supporters did in response to me putting my opinion that just answered our curiosity about them.

People like us, prior to this never voted the opposition because we simply do not believe in what they are selling. As simple as that. Why we do not buy what you are selling, well, the answer is, what you are selling does not attract us.

In a simple economic, it is all about demand and supply. When you supply things that are not in much demand, how are you going to corner the market?

Nevertheless, today there is demand for change. A group of people whom supported Mahathir and considered Mahathir as God’s best gift to Malaysia, me included, are willing not to vote for Barisan Nasional anymore.

Not that we wanted to change the government, but we just want to weaken UMNO to a certain point, that they still have the power but no longer powerful. When UMNO came to this point, what we hope is that, Abdullah Badawi can be democratically removed from within.

Do not underestimate the strength of this group of voters. In fact, Mahathir’s admirers are increasing everyday. Many more has just started to realise that how they missed Mahathir thanks to Pak Lah’s shortcomings. But, none of those voters whom once upon a time supported Mahathir, now go against him.

Pak Lah big time win in 2004 is mainly due to three factors, those who hated Mahathir voted for Barisan because Mahathir was no more there, those who believe in justice, equality and religion voted for Pak Lah because of his image and personality at that time and last but not least, those who admired Mahathir came out in numbers to bless his successor as a way of saying thank you to Mahathir. Majority of the people, are very proud of being Malaysian at that time. 

If oppositions play their card right this coming election, they may even cause sufficient lost to Barisan Nasional to a point that they may lose their 2/3 majority in Parliament. But again, if the oppositions remain stubborn, what we going to get is status quo.

Unfortunately the way we see the opposition heading today with Anwar Ibrahim, we are only going to return BN to parliament with another 2/3 majority. Hasn’t the Lingam case prove to us that the only thing Anwar has left in him is merely vengeance. 

By doing so, and if Anwar the has been fella continue to do what he did best, which is over doing everything, will only disassociated the Mahathir’s admirers from voting for the opposition.  This is what Khairy has been waiting for and this is why, if you choose to wait in front of the Istana Negara tomorrow, you will see Pak Lah’s entering the palace.

Well, perhaps, there are only few hundred thousand voters who going to say to the opposition, choose either Anwar or our vote.

PKR supporter(s?) might love to hear that, this shall be my last posting if the Parliament will be dissolved tomorrow or the week after (my prediction is 13 February). If that is the case, we shall meet again after the election.

Thank you.