During my time in Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kuala Lumpur, we were taught lots of nonsense by our senior and one of it were how to make a homemade bomb.

It was in Ramadan 1986 when Mr. Pub® drag me to one corner and gave me a list of items that we need to buy, steal from the science’s lab and worked that need to be conducted in the Mechanical Workshop.

It was a weird tradition of Teknik KL to blast their neighbour, SMS Selangor with homemade bombs. But loyal to this tradition, proud TIKL seniors will pass the recipe to their junior.

Nevertheless, as a measure of precaution, not a single person knew the procedure from A to Z. My part was to arrange for few juniors to joint the committee. Then I was to unlock the backdoor to the Mechanical Workshop during our workshop class so our ‘engineer’ can enter it at night to cook the recipe for disaster.

End of Ramadan 1986, as we were walking back from surau for our moray session, were we jolted by the blast from the bomb that was planted in the ground floor toilet of the SMS Selangor’s hostel. Whoever plant it, sure knew very well to calculate the timer. The timer was made from mosquito’s coil with the end wrap by a magnesium strip we got it from the lab.

The blast, I was told, is strong enough to even cause slight tremor in Sekolah Alam Shah. Later, Parakau®, the godfather of Alam Shah told me that even he was awaken from his sleep under the bed in his hostel. He always slept under the bed to avoid being caught because he did not attend the terawih session.

All hell broke loose that night when SMS Selangor’s students retaliate by firing ‘mercun kelawar’ towards us as we were chasing their members who crossed over to our side and enter Sekolah Teknik’s female hostel as an act of revenge.

As far as I remember, nobody got caught that night and nobody did the next day when the police came to do the investigation.

What do we gain from that? I asked myself. We were lucky that the bomb did not explode during one of the processes, which would definitely blast our fingers away or even took our life.

We were young, wild and free. But is that a license to be foolish.

Few days ago, I asked bro Sallahuddin Ayub, the PAS Youth Chief and my MP. Are you planning any more demonstration? The answer that I gained from the horse mouth made me feel that my mutton is tastier that discussing about the politics. So we end up killing our self with the mutton Briyani in order to kill the conversation.

Let me continue to be pessimistic as some opposition supporters might claim. Pessimist as I am, let me ask, what do the oppositions gain from,

Street demonstrations and protests.

Insulting Pak Lah because his wife, Jeanne Danker did not wear tudung.

Playing with element of hatred.

Prior to what I did now, I was always part of the winning team came every election. No, I did not campaign for BN neither do I did anything to persuade people to campaign for BN.

But in the matter of The Middle Class and Urban Malaysians versus the Barisan Nasional, oppositions always helped the Barisan Nasional to win the election. The oppositions helped to convince these group of voters to swing their votes towards the Barisan Nasional because of the issues and the style they played their issues.

The oppositions need to change their style. They are not going to win extra votes by attacking me. Neither is they going to win extra votes by taking the streets in protest, insulting Jeanne Danker in their speeches and talking about hatred.

I may not speak on behalf of the majority of the voters, but I trust, the voters that determined the winner shared my argument. 

How much more votes did the oppositions gain by taking the streets? How much more votes did the oppositions gain when a group of young Malaysian sent pillows to Prime Minister? How much votes did the oppositions gain by killing Tun Mahathir with the Lingam Video? How much votes did the oppositions gain by slaying Jeanne Danker?

Or, we may want to think, how much votes did we lose to Barisan Nasional every time we did all the above?

Time and again, we find the oppositions uninspiring, unimaginative and even despicable at times. 

While you are arrogantly screaming at us to vote for change, we are now politely begging you to look at yourself and stop thinking that you are better than Barisan Nasional just because you are not in power to prove that you are better.

We are now telling you nicely, for many elections, we have voted for Barisan Nasional because you have persuaded us to do so by doing what you are doing now, taking the streets in protest, demonstrations, insulting people, cheap rhetoric, putting candidates that are so uninspiring, fanaticism, extremism, militarism and perhaps, too conventional. Every action has positive and negative reactions; we both knew that long ago.

Before you shoot me this time around, just remember this, I have the vote that shy you for as many election as we can remember and I am not alone.