I tried my best not to talk politics. Nevertheless, I knew certain kicks that I have taken actually did have certain effects. After some damage control activities over the weekend and some sarcasm early in the week, I have decided to just move on.

Parliament will be dissolved on the 13th February 2008. Election will be held on one of the Sunday in March before PM leaves for OIC meeting. The election will see a tough fight in Kelantan but whichever parties that win, will win big this time. My prediction in Kelantan shall be 30-15 either way. It can be PAS, it can be BN.

Rumours has it, that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah will be asked to not just stand in Parliament Gua Musang but also the State seat in Kota Lama. This controversial decision by Khairy and his father in laws is considered by Najib as another way of putting pressure on his loyalty towards Pak Lah.

Some said, Ku Li and Khairy had cut a deal. While keeping Ku Li in Parliament will give him hope to take another chance at some of the important position in UMNO, which this time around will be taking on Najib as Deputy President of UMNO, putting Ku Li in State is truly obscene.

In an attempt to win Kelantan at what ever cost, Pak Lah knew that Ku Li could deliver. Ku  Li will be instructed to stand in Kota Lama, and this will be against Dato’ Anuar Tan. Will Ku Li take the offer? I believe he will not. But again, the decision is entirely his.

In another desperate attempt to wrestle Kelantan from PAS, Pak Lah is almost certain going to remove Annuar Musa from UMNO Kelantan. Annuar, despite his hardworking and persona, is considered as liability for UMNO Kelantan. My question is Pak Lah ready to repeat the same monumental failure of judgement which cost him Kelantan in 2004 when he did to Ibrahim Ali what he about to do to Annuar Musa?

At the end of the day, Pak Lah will keep almost all of the old guards because, although he wants changes, he is not a reformist. Mahathir is actually a true reformist. We have silent him. In our obsession to get rid of Pak Lah, we just grab everything that we perceived as valuable tools, one of them is The VK Lingam’s Video.

At the end of the day, Pak Lah will say, it looks like Mahathir and it sounds like Mahathir. Only now, we realise the whole personal vendetta behind the reason why Anwar brought this video out. Pak Lah will come out as champion of the judiciary system.

We have seen two glaring error in recent months which going to cost us the election. One is the VK Lingam’s Video and second is the HINDRAF’s case. Both turns out to be a good PR for Pak Lah. Both had been this big only because of one man.

And if we continuously going to take the streets in protest, trust me, we only are going to make it harder for the silent majority to respects us.

Just ask those UMNO guys, they are so used of winning. They know we are stepping onto our own booby traps.

My hope for PRU 12 is PAS to retain Kelantan with bigger majority.

My predictions for PRU12 are,

BN retained all the states including Terengganu and Penang.

PKR will lose all the seats they contest.

A truly good election for DAP.

Oppositions gather more votes compared to previous election but no significant increase in Parliamentary seats or state seats.

Overall, for the people and all the blog readers, this is going to be the most frustrating election.

However, it is a blessing in disguise. Another five years under Pak Lah’s leadership, will prove to be heart breaking for all Malaysians. Pak Lah’s strength within UMNO will depends on who rules Kelantan after the election. Nevertheless, we are going to see significant changes in the opposition’s front. 

Did I just say another 5 years under Pak Lah?

To think of it, it is not too late for all of us to do something. Let us not put our hope in the hands of the politicians, but put the politician’s hopes in our hands. With the power of the people, nothing is impossible.

We can start by forcing the opposition parties to play our game instead. Let us teach and prepare them for what we actually want and not to listen to them mumbling about what they think we want.

The power is in the hand of the people.

Politicians are like diapers, they need to be change frequently – Tom Dobbs “Man of The Year”.