Email From Dad.

“Sheih. you made a sacrifice, your wife made a sacrifice to head up north to KB to follow your conviction and your dream. You are doing a great job for Husam. It is when people attack you that you know that what you do is impactful. The bullets are because they see the partnership between you and Husam is imperceptibly positive. 

Old habits are hard to get rid off. 

Mindsets of rabid religionists are harder and they “kill” their own in the process. 

You and Husam must stay the course. You cannot allow the “enemies” to say….”there you are, put more pressure and they will disappear”. It is during times like this that you must regroup….you and Husam and people aligned to both of you…..strategise, honestly look at strength and weakness and never be afraid to put everything on the table. 

What you wrote about the three opposition groups is the truth….and people ingrained with fixed mindsets do not like to hear the truth. If they admit  that they are wrong , their immature thinking translates into negativity that they are weak, and they cannot admit there are weaknesses in the opposition. 

Sheih, win small battles….forget about winning the war….the time is not yet. You and especially Husam must win your early battles inside PAS. Until Husam takes over the mantle of Tok Guru, the battle rages. You and Husam must win the hearts of the PAS majority. 

The chinese will pose no problem for Husam. 

You and Husam need to create an implosing inside  PAS and this can only be achieved if you consistently, and incrementally win the internal battles.   

Speed here is not important, as long as we move along and are not stagnant. Think about it.” end.


Email From Segambut


“Syed balik (UMNO) Segambut. Tinggal Husam, (Dato’) Kapt. dah tunggu lama kita guling Kamaruddin (Ambok). Parti-Delete-Delete- nak ke mana, asyik pikul Anwar. PRU tenggelam semua. Video Linggam, Anwar bunuh sapa? Kerja (UMNO) jadi mudah. Mahathir tak boleh serang Paklah sebab Anwar dah bom dia dengan sos cili Linggam… correct. Budak Anwar dok serang Mahathir kenapa bukan dia bertanding pun. Husam dah nyawa ikan. PAS sendiri bunuh, mati tak berkambus dia”. end.