What a Pile of Cow Dung

Pak Lah is planning to call for election very soon. His rationale is, calling the election ASAP so he can continue to focus on developing the promising economy for the next five years.

“Promising Economy” may not be the word that you and me would obviously agreed on and we have a very good reason for it. The latest saga of blunder by the Pak Lah administration are very obvious. The Free Education for all Malaysians is an obvious PR disaster. At the end of the day, again, the Black Boy of Malaysian Politic, Khairy Jamaluddin need to reemerged from his hiding to come out with a stern statement  which warning all parents about their duty as parent and do not argue about the extra fees that they are asked to pay. With that, all media stopped with immediate effect from highlighting the issue anymore.

Pak Lah administration also needs to face an overlapping issue which is the cooking oil saga. Pak Lah denied that we are facing shortage of supply for the vital household product. But who actually care about what Pak Lah said. Everybody will only shut their mouth when the Black Boy speaks. Shafie Afdal has proved to us over and again that he is not a man made for the position he is currently holding. Over and again he was reduce to just rhetoric where facts and action matter most.

Soon, there will be no more roti Pak Lah and to Pak Lah’s advantage, no more roti Mahathir too (Roti Mahathir’s is the roti canai yang ada telur).

Blaming the shortage or what ever the Afdal fella wanna call it, to smuggling activities and blaming smuggling activities to government subsidies is like blaming the disastrous performance of England Football team because of the foreigners.  Smuggling activities and government subsidies are two things that lingers for as long as we can remember. At least what Pak Lah administration should do, is to hit the action gear and solve the problem that they have identified ages ago now. At least, the English Football Association, whom share the same level of sexual activity among their leadership with the Pak Lah administration knows when to use their real head, the one that actually holds the brain. To counter the disastrous England performance, which a lot of blame are fired at those foreigners, the English FA hired another foreigner to find the solution. And this foreigner hired another bunch of foreigners to help him.  

Or perhaps, our police has opted to this method long before Fabio Copello ever thought that he is going to coach a nation that proudly admit as the origin of football. Perhaps Musa Hassan and his Minister in Charge believed that the only way to fight crime is to befriend the criminals and to put innocent people behind bars. The more innocent people behind bars, the more convicts can be release from prison in the context of making more space for future convicts. With this, more and more space are made available for innocent people while a lot to are neutralized so we do not need to spare tax payers money on them. When our streets are filed with criminals than innocent people, Pak Lah will face less complain so he can focus on developing the economy of the country. Police too will have less work due to less reports made by innocent people and with this, less tax payers money will be used to enhance the police force.

With all the surplus of money, it can then be use to pay Patrick Badawi to develop Terengganu and some can be given to the people of Kelantan so they can kick start the development of Kelantan as the Centre of Islamic Civilization. They can also build hundreds of mosque which Nik Aziz failed to build because what is the rationale of just having more mosque rather that having more people utilizing the mosque.

But again, Nik Aziz is not good in economics, Najib is very smart instead. By building more mosque, even one for every one kilometer will mean more money will be pump to generate the economy. So more qualified people will get the contract to build the mosque. Than after the mosque completed, more contract will be put out, and this time is the contract to filed the mosque with people.

Obvious now, for the love of this country, we need to keep Pak Lah in power. In closing my argument, I would like to say that I wholeheartedly protest the usage of all my posters to humiliate Pak Lah during the protest by 8 Malaysian youth in Putrajaya recently.

My posters which a lot of it showing the sleeping Prime Minister of Malaysia, were not made to humiliate the man, instead it were made to glorify him. Where else on earth can you find a Prime Minister who is so feel good about his people and country that he can afford to sleep event when his party were discussing about the future of the nation.

Keep Pak Lah in power!