… or rather lost the plot.

Well Hisham, now I wonder how on earth such a ‘benak’ fella like you deserve to be Minister, apalagi Minister of Education!

My readers should be able to remember when Kickdefella highlights the interview with Bro Saifuddin Nasution regarding the Budget 2008. Then it was followed by the Kickdefella Live! With Bro YB Sallahuddin. In both interview we discussed about the government decision to chop-off the schooling fee for primary and secondary schools.

In both the interview we had warned that parents still have to dump a lot of money in January because they still lots of extra payment need to be made.

Let me share a bit of my experience with Al and Rifqi. Prior to our move to Kota Bharu, both studied at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sri Hartamas. Al studied there until year 4 and Rifqi studied there until year 2.

Every year without fail I have to pay almost RM200 each for all sort of fees. Those that I still remember are RM50 for PTA’s donation, RM100 for computer’s fee, RM10 for school magazine, some religious fee, sports day, co curriculum, Federal Territory Education Department’s exercise books etc etc.  

Every year without fail the Headmistress will told the parents, that the logic behind such fee is because it is a one off and we do not need to pay anymore after that. But off cause, she is the biggest liar. Why I call this headmistress by the name of Asilawati Kitajriah Baharom a liar, because beginning February the school will start to send letters to parents requesting all sort of compulsory donation such as for canteen day, open day etc etc and on teacher’s day, we have to fork out money so all the teachers can celebrate the teachers day in one of the hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

I have supported the national education systems for four years and I never complaint although I never given them my Tax Return statement and Salary slip even though they threaten me with all sort of nonsense. I trusted I am not alone on this because never any action taken towards me or my kidos. What I know, as a punishment, the teacher will put that my salary at the maximum point which is RM9,999.00. Who cares.

Well, I believe lots of parents shared my disagreement towards their children’s school, and just like me, we kept it silence.

However, when the government announce that parents will not be burden of paying the school fees anymore, they also spinned it in such a way that the whole education system shall be free for all.

Free education for all and one joker even went on national TV claiming that Malaysia is the first country to provide free education for its citizen. Cow dung!.

So, sadly, the parents fall into the trap and believed that it is a true free education, only to be told that they still have to fork out more than RM100.00 as for various types of extra fee. The parents retaliated. Where is the free education that you promise us?

I am sure, the joker who went on national TV saying Malaysia is the first country to provide free education is now hiding under the pile of cow dung.

And our Hishamuddin now found himself trapped by the government own spinning activity and lost his keris.

Today Hishamuddin has merajuk and frustrated that parents do not willing to spend on their children’s education. Looks like they are trying a new spin.

Wonder where is The Government Official Spoke Person (or rather Monkey) Khairy Jamaluddin because, we must hear from him first before the government can make their mind.

What about the text book?  From my experience, the text book will cost less than RM100.00  but then the school demanded every student to buy all sort off activity books, work books, reference books etc etc which will cost more than the text book.

With the activity and the work books playing an important role in the system, what do the teachers do?

What Hisham has to understand, for years we are such an obliging parents. We never complained. We, without failed forked out our hard earned money to pay for all those fees. And some of us who are millionaires do not send their kids to national school. They sent their kids to International or private schools. Our Deputy Prime Minister himself, sent his kids to Garden International School.

So, when you told us that, the government is providing free education for us, we truly celebrated it and bought the more expensive pair of shoe, a better school bag and a much nicer school uniform for our kids. Whe want our kids to be at their best and now we can afford it because our education is free.

Only for us to realise that, it is not free after all.