Dear Chai Kee, 
Thanks for the fond remembrance. Thousand apologies for not sending you any email for almost four months now. Nevertheless, never a moment passed by without me remembering you. Everytime I crossed the Telipot street and everytime I have to stop at the traffic light infront of Hotel Temenggong, those memories keep streaming at it’s best bit ever. Then, I always remember the OKO Merican book shop where I spent almost 3 hours flipping almost all the magazine, waiting for you. 

I had to admit, even recently, I still stand across the street by the Chip Aik Mercantile staring at Suntoo. I wondered what will happen if you actually made it that day. 

Dearest Chai Kee,

Not all memories are great to remember nevertheless, we still once in a while love to stir it and keep it flowing. What is memory if we forgotten all about it. Memory will live for as long as we want to remember it. 

I wondered what will make us remember about 2007. Is there anything actually worth remembering. Perhaps, there’s also plenty of things we would love to just sealed it in that Pandora’s box and just stuff it away never to be open again. 

How many new people that we met and many more that we choose to forget. 

I remembered an incident two years ago while I was shooting by the street of Nangnuang in Bangkok, a shopowner held my hand and insist in reading my palm. I laughed at his intrepretation. 



But now it make me wonder. It urge me to revisit the memory that for two years I left untouched. Again and again I told myself, the Al Migthy works in such a mysterious way. And He had reminded us many times in His words about all sort of miracles. 

A palm reader by the street of Nangnuang once told me about  my 2007. I wouldn’t claim that he is a hell of a palm reader but rather I would say, god has again works His wonder and after keeping me puzzled, what I want now is just to work for the rest of it to became a reality too. 

What do I want for myself in 2008?  Well what ever come, I shall take it. Maybe a publisher for my book? 

Happy New Year to You!