We arrived at Kusial in Tanah Merah around 11.00 am and spent almost 4 hours to witness ourselves one of the hardest hit area by the flood.

Kusial was for thirteen days become an island and totally cut-off from the other parts of Tanah Merah. Today the water has subsided and we still managed to see what sort of nightmares some 80 families has to face.


Kusial is under the DUN Gual Ipoh and the state assemblyman is YB. Hashim Saffin of BN.

(I remembered this joker most, not for his stupidity braging for 80 minutes in the State Assembly sitting in June 2007 and saying nothing but only about how he was never given the chance to speak.

But I remember him for unceremoniously made the headlines in 1994 when his name were published as one of the director for HVD Entertainment, a company that made billions from RTM contracts during Mohamad Rahmat’s tenure as Information Minister. He was the political Secretary to Tan Sri Mohamad Yaacob the previous MB of Kelantan before 1990. Tan Sri Mohamad Yaacob, in 1994 was revealed as the Chairman for HVD Entertainment. All bumi’s filmmaker will always remember this two jokers, because at that time we were convinced that HVD is not a bumi company not until this two names appeared as the main man behind the company that killed most of the bumi’s company in broadcasting business)

How I wished to stumble upon him today visiting his constituency. (Who knows, he may still has some loose change from the HVD years to giveaway to the flood victims)