Abas Nousari (Writer/Actor/Advisor), me, Majid Majidi (Director) and Mamat Khalid (Director)


Majid Majidi, the world famous film director walked ten steps into the hall and he was stunt. The time is already 8.30pm and he hall is not even a quarter full. Marat Sayfudinov immediately turns to me for explanation.


“Do not worry, they are always 30 minutes late”. I tried to assure them that the hall will soon be filled with cinema enthusiast. Majid was not impressed by my explanation.

“Brother, the last movie was screen in the cinema here was in 1995. Most have not had a chance to watch movie in the cinema and a lot has forgotten the experience”. Deep in my heart, I prayed to god that we are not going to be humiliated by a none event.

Yes, most local has not had the experience of watching a movie on the big screen. When they go to hear ‘ceramah’ they can come anytime they want.

When Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz made his appearance ten minutes later, the hall was luckily half full.


Tuan Guru looks very tired as this is his fifth event of the day. But he brave himself to fight the tiredness and warmly welcome Majid Majidi and his entourage in his speech. Tuan Guru gave his assurance that his leadership is committed to work closely with Majid in future. While, Majid in return announced that he is planning to make a movie on prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


As the light slowly dim in the hall, the movie, Children of Heaven begins. Tuan Guru was supposed to leave the hall. But he stays on. Tuan Guru has another function in Pengkalan Chepa where the state leaders are waiting for him.

By this time, the screening hall is already filled by almost 1,200 people. For the record, this must has been the biggest crowd in Malaysia cinematic history since long long time ago.


Around nine forty, we received s.o.s from Pengkalan Chepa requesting us to ask Tuan Guru to make his move as a similiarly huge crowd has also gathered there. None of us dare to even move an inched closer to Tuan Guru. Nobody in the right mind dare to whisper those messages to Tuan Guru. Not when you see how visibly focus Tuan Guru is. While the smile lingers in Tuan Guru’s face, his eyes glued to the screen.


The movie ends by eleven o’clock. Tuan Guru stood up and whisper to Majid, “The boy at the end looked frustrated. Human being are so insensitive and they do not even realise how strong and big this boy is. But the fishes in the water they came and kissed the boy’s feet. It is so beautiful!”


Majid was stunt by how well Tuan Guru recognised the meaning behind the artistic finale of the movie.

Tuan Guru was so happy with the movie, that it give him the energy to speak till way past midnight at his final function in Pengkalan Chepa. In fact, he opens his speech by relating the storyline of Children of Heaven.