Bro Majid Majidi

Majid Majidi, the famous film director, who won millions of hearts through his honest point of view about life which being screened in thousands of screens world over, has arrived in Kelantan.

Over Marlboro and Dunhill, Majid told me, “I am very disappointed with KL”, I will not go on details about his disappointment, but surely he is much happier man in MiniFest Kelantan 2007 rather than the more glamorous Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival.

Brother Majid said, Kota Bharu is a truly Islamic City, simple, moderate and considerate. Well Maya too said the same thing, in her words she said, “6 years ago, I was terrific, but once I arrived, it is truly different from what I was told”.

Both agreed this is such a nice place, with caring leaders and generous hospitality.


Majid Majidi with Tuan Guru

Today, Brother Majid visited Darul Digital, state owned animation school in Kota Bharu and he was amazed by the state commitments towards manipulating the digital technology for advancement in creativity. Immediately, his Russian producer, Mr. Marat Sayfudinov, requested to sign an agreement with Darul Digital for their future project. Half an hour later they produced their letter of intent and Darul Digital signed on the dotted line and both party, witnessed by The Tuan Guru agreed to collaborate in Majid’s future project.

In his speech, Majid said, we should used film to let the whole world see how beautiful life can be in the true Islamic way. The way that Majid sees, in his own word, is not the Taliban’s way, neither The Islam Hadhari.

In return, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz committed in pursuing the idea of Cinema of Morality and Quality and trust that we can lead the way.

That was today.


YB. Mohd Amar, The Chairman of MiniFest 2007 with Ms. Maya

Meanwhile, yesterday, the beloved Pontianak, Ms. Maya, perhaps beyond anyone wildest dream, walked past the entrance of Balai Islam, Kota Bharu and sat with about 500 crowds from all walks of life, mesmerized by the beautiful “Baran”. Majid’s piece about an Iranian boy and an Afghan girl.

As I watched Maya post for the photographers with the backdrop of the Balai Islam, I told myself, how great life can be and the great Almighty has done it again.

Politics aside, just think of these, Majid, Maya and Kota Bharu. What more can I say.

I am just happy to witness this and proud to be given the trust to play a small role in this historical moment that hopefully will mark the born of the new cinema of Malaysia.


Historical Moment, with local Director in Attendance, The Famous Mamat Khalid behind Tuan Guru