Out of Issues Out they go.

BN Kelantan’s YBs left the State Assembly en mass in search of cheap publicity for the coming General Election.

After finding that they need a miracle to get back in the news, YB for Paloh, plays ignorant and showed unbecoming of YB’s attitude to force the Speaker to read the riot act.

The State Assembly passed the vote by 23-20 to show YB for Paloh the way out before the evening session ends. He was seen chasing his compatriot out after some even made the exit before the culprit himself left his sit.

This is the second time in two consecutive sitting the BN left the State Assembly.

If this still does not prove how they are actually a bunch of useless people, I do not know what else to say.

Perhaps in the coming General Election, the people of Kelantan will put all these BN members in their rightful place and that is outside the Dewan!




Check out the video at http://www.ipglobal.tv and the live streaming of the sitting from 9.00 am till 4.30 pm tomorrow, this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.