10-Eleven successfully marked a peaceful expression of dissatisfaction by the generations that felt they are being oppressed by the ‘Malaysian Style’ Democracy.

Almost 80,000 Malaysian from all walks of life has turn out to show their supports. Hundreds of thousands more, perhaps millions shared the same believe but for one reason or another, choose to keep it close to their heart.

This is a historical moment where Malaysians refreshed their faith in our constitutional Monarch that long being perceived by many as a mere symbol of defender of Malay Supremacy. Some even went further by saying openly that His Royal Highness is just a rubber stamp.

Perhaps, even halves of that participated in 10-Eleven, has rash mindset towards our Monarchy and its functionalities. Even at least one of the political parties under the umbrella of Bersih, has pool of supporters that had never ever shouted ‘Daulat Tuanku’.

But, came 10-Eleven, the Malaysians has come to accept that only the Monarch can lead us towards our long awaited reform. First time since 1969, our King has again become not just the symbol to unify us but actually the only one with the constitutional rights to lead us out of our misery.

There will come a day, sooner or later when our Prime Minister Abdullah Haji Ahmad will has to advised the Agong to dissolves the Parliament. Upon dissolving the Parliament, His Highness will has to appoint a caretaker government whom will run the country with limited power until a new government is form from the fresh mandate of Malaysian voters from the election that should follow within a certain time frame after the Parliament has been dissolved.

In actual fact, the King has the right of not to appoint Abdullah Haji Ahmad to lead the caretaker government. If the King is not satisfied with the way the normal practice by all his predecessors and if he perceived by allowing the same person who is leading one of the political parties to contest in the coming election to lead the caretaker government, will give unfair advantage to that party, then The King is allowed by our constitution to appoint another person to lead the caretaker government.

By doing so, the King will protect his subject and promote the same level of playing field for all the political parties. This action, if taken by the King, will assure no government fund or government machinery to be unfairly used as tools of campaign for a certain political party during the election campaigning period. This will prove to be a monumental decision which will also guarantee that none of the political parties will have the upper hand in deciding the way the election result will swing.

Nevertheless, What if the King thinks that the action above is not enough to promote a fair and clean election? What if the King believes that our system has corrupted to the roots and needing a total reform? What if the King believes that he needs to put the election on hold to give way for total reform?

Perhaps then, the King will need to use some of the ground within the constitution that allows him to form an interim government like what was popularly known as MAGERAN. The term Emergency always rings an unpleasant significant for us. It always sounds chaotic and full of catastrophes. In actual fact, we can live under the Emergency with strong leadership appointed by the King who is also the Head of The Military. The defender of the faith will guide and defend our democratic rights for as long as he believed is best for us. In fact we will not feel any different but maybe much better that way so reform can be thoroughly perform in all sectors.

After such time, and upon being satisfied with the reform, the King will than wish to transfer back the power to appoint the next government to the people. His Highness than will call for an election.

That election shall be the first real election since long ago for Malaysians. True democracy will flourish.

What if we decide for the King to go along this line? What will we lose if we drive our Monarch along this route? To think of it, we only going to lose Abdullah Haji Ahmad (Badawi was not written in his Birth Certificate).

Who Cares?


Saya pantang dicabar! – Abdullah