Thousands apologies for not being able to update this blog for the last few days.

The reason was, my streamyx connection was down the past three days. Let me make up by telling you a tale that I captured during my journey into the 14 territories in Southern Thailand.

Our journey began in Sungai Golok (Kolok as Thai claim it). Our group consisted of Haji Hasim, former State Assemblyman, Haji Zaidi of Agarwood Industry (Kelantan) Sdn Bhd and Me.

In Yala, our group were joined by our Thai friends, Mr Ahamad Chapakiya and Mr. Razak or his Thai name is Somsark as that was the name given by the Thai registration officer.

On the first day, we headed towards Kembeng and Teluk Hala, two kampongs that are in the centre of the separatist movement in Southern Thai. We were received by brother Mang, a scholar in Performing Arts. The moment I venture into his place, my mind are telling me, that the Thai Malays, despites of all the armoured cars, barricades and roadblocks and constant helicopter flying low altitude over their head, they are actually in more than one way, are more merdeka than we, the Malaysian Malay.

Mang has built his own museum will various kind of artefacts and endless collection of the Kelantanese Keris.



Mang’s Keris Collection



Mang’s Artefacts

Later, Mang brought us to Teluk Hala to meet Abang Awang. Abang Awang is a popular figure there as he has solely taken the task of developing the economy of the Kampong’s single mother, the poor and the orphans. Unfortunately, when we arrived at Abang Awang’s deteriorated pondok, we were informed that his is in Bangkok, fighting to force the Thai education ministry to install the Local Malay Language into the school syllabus.



Abang Awang’s Legacy



The Keris Making



Breakfast in Teluk Hala

As we travelled further north, we stop for our Friday prayer in Khwandhon. At first, curious eyes staring at me as I gun myself with my Nikon. But once I introduced myself as a Kelantanese, I was barraged with praises upon praises. There were always two names being mention, when we talked about Malaysia, the name Tun Mahathir Mohamed will always pop up somewhere and when we talked about Kelantan, praises for the Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz come streaming.


Mosque in Khwandhon



Praying for Peace

Nevertheless, I cannot but felt ashamed. They looked very highly on us but despite all that they have to go through, their mindset is distance ahead of us.

Mr. Ahmed Longsman and His Mini Library



Entrance to the Mini Library

About twenty metres from the Khwandhon Mosque, we were welcome by Mr. Ahmed (Thai name Sawang) Longsman into his Mini Library which is self-finance by none other than Mr. Longsman himself. After retiring from the civil service, Mr. Longsman committed himself into this Mini Library, with an international standard cataloguing system. I promised Mr. Longsman to do my part by putting his effort in this blog and he much welcomes any donation in term of books for this Library.



The Modest Collection



Mr. Longsman



The Mini Library

All my beloved reader whom like to know more or wish to help to contribute to Mr. Longsman’s effort, please feel free to write or contact him at :

Ahmed Longsman

(Mr. Sawang Longsman)

292 Mua 1 Khwandhon


Satun 91160

Southern Thailand


Hse Phone 074 795081

Mobile Phone 086 2887245


Ilyas the Crab Master

Our second day journey ends in Krabi where Brother Ilyas has been eagerly waiting to bring us to visit his modest crab confinement. Ilyas has been breeding Mangrove Crab for a while now. The once dead swampy Mangrove area is now Ilyas’s Heaven.



In Krabi



Haji Hasim with the Crabs



Preparing Our Dinner

The Roshin Journey

On the third day, our journey took us the Thai-Myanmar border. As we were staring at the river that separated the two countries, Haji Hasim took us back down the memory lane.



Thai-Myanmar Border by the View Point



(L-R) Chapakiya, Haji Zaidi and Somsark

After PAS was squeezed out of Barisan Nasional and later lost Kelantan in 1978, many of leadership including Haji Hasim himself lost not just the ruling power but also most of them whom had resign from their various positions to fight for PAS were than jobless.

As we headed towards Ranong, I was told about the tale of 12 children from what was once, Burma. One separatist leader by the name of Zaid has contacted some of the PAS members in Kelantan requesting for them to help adopted the Burmese refugees. Haji Hasim and few others, has taken 12 children and so did others. The future of these homeless children has turn into a crusade.

Upon arriving in Kelantan, these children were given proper education and shelter at the various religious schools own by PAS leadership and sympathiser. Although jobless, these politicians managed not just finance those children but also rebuilt the live that both have lost.

Zaid, meanwhile were granted political asylum in the United Kingdom where he rebuilt his live and later passed-away there.

We decided to make a brief stop at Ranong to visit two of the twelves children that Haji Hasim and his comrades has helped to prepared them to make their re-entry into the civilise world.

It was momentous to be able to see, Sharifah, who is now married and his brother Sattar had successfully adopted their live in Ranong with the similar values taught to them, almost 20 years ago. They had fruitfully managed to run their own noodles shop in the town.


Reunion (L-R) Sharifah, Haji Hasim and Sattar

These earth-shattering reunion, filled with tears and grace to the Almighty is the proclamation that it is not the supremacy that lead human to successfully retained their species as the rightful descendent of this divine world. We can be powerful even when we are powerless.


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