Update 10 Oct 2007

Kickdefella readers, Mr ISA and MR MALIK have officially adopted the five families below for the Raya. Bariah has just confirmed receiving the online transfer by both generous reader. Mr. ISA has shared his Raya bonus from his company with the five families.

On behalf of those families, we wished to thank all readers for the support. Thanks.

Original Post

Dear folks,

When I started Kickdefella, it is not all about kicking Dollah but to kick who deserved to be kicked. Me included.

Yesterday, Bariah received online transfer from Mr. A. Malik Daud for her Ramadan Charity. Let us thank our fellow reader for the remembrance. As time constrain, we decided for Bariah to hand over the goodies herself. Fortunately, we got the information regarding five families in Kg. Demit who are living well below poverty line.



Family 1


90 years old Granny who live on her own. She has no income whatsoever and has no children. She has been living on the sympathy of her neighbours. She is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetic and asthma. She even does not have the strength to cook anymore.






Family 2


Sister of the 90 years old Granny, a sixty plus years old single mother with disable daughter. Her daughter is paralysed since small. She is not working because her daughter needs her full attention.


Family 3

Pak Cik Yusuf, who is in his late sixty. He has one kid schooling in MRSM Perak and he also has a 20 years old daughter who is mentally retarded and bedridden since born. Pak Cik Yusuf has to take care of her daughter including giving her bath as the result it is almost impossible for him to leave the house.



Family 4


46 years old blind man with 38 years old wife. They have an 8 years old daughter. The wife work as a babysitter for two of the neighbour kids. They live on a piece of land own by one of the villagers. Their house is built through the donation from the neighbourhood.



Family 5


Encik Ibrahim and Kak Som. Encik Ibrahim formerly worked as a masseur and since December last year he is bedridden after suffering from stroke. Half of his body is paralysed. Kak Som is now the sole breadwinner of the family with a daughter who is still schooling. Kak Som’s income is RM13.00 per day.

Encik Ibrahim was carried by the neighbours to my house during our last hamper giving session. He caught the eye of YB. Dato’ Husam Musa who instructed me to get a wheelchair for Encik Ibrahim immediately so he can be a bit mobile for the raya.


My question

None of this family ever received any financial support neither from the state welfare department nor from their State Assemblyman. I knew that each constituency are flooded with people holding various political appointee roles that should be going around their neighbourhood and sending back information to their YB.

Kg. Demit is under State Assembly S 19 DEMIT. The Assemblyman is YB. Dato’ Muhammad Daud a.k.a Ustaz Mat Iraq who is also “Ketua Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat”.

When I brought YB. Salahuddin Ayub, the Member of Parliament for Kubang Kerian, one neighbour who only want to be known as Tok Wan has this to say, “We are very disappointed with our State Assemblyman…” and in his own word he said “Tok Wakil sini, kalau jemput makan kenduri pong tok mari, kalau royat ada ore mati pun dio buat tok tahu. Tok rajin nok cara ke penduduk kapung demit ni”.

Literary, Tok Wan complained that the Assemblyman did not bother to be closed with the people here. On previous occasion, Tok Wan who is a lifetime PAS supporter said he regretted the choice made by Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz for putting such incapable personalities to be the State Assemblyman for Demit.

This reminded me to a senior lecturer in UTAR, an Indian whom upon knowing that I am coming back to Kelantan, said this “Syed, serving people is serving God!”

I knew that the State under the ruling of Tuan Guru is flooded with various schemes to help the poor, the needy, the single parent, the disable, the senior citizen etc, etc.

When I single out this YB, it is without prejudice. This posting is not done in bad faith. This posting is done out of love to Kelantan, Kelantanese and the leadership of Tuan Guru.

While, UMNO’s Dato’ Muhammad Ghani is working hard to unseat PAS in Demit, I know, people like Tok Wan, Kak Som and Encik Ibrahim will continue to vote for PAS till death do them apart. So do many Kelantanese.

I still believe in the relationship between human and other human needs to be perfected before we could build our relationship between human and the Almighty. Is it fair for these YBs to take their salary as YBs when they did not take care of their constituents? While I leave that to the Almighty to decide, it’s time for those in power stop preaching what they believe but to perform what we believe is their duty to us.