This is the most meaningful Ramadan for the blogosphere and for me. For many months since I operated Kickdefella, it is nothing but Dollah bashing. If I never met Dato’ Husam Musa, I will never know, when will be the day I will truly understand, the other side of the world, which I am becoming so used to.

God works in such mysterious ways. He always did and, forever will.

During my time spent with YB Datuk Effendi Norwawi, I always heard (Datin) Tiara saying, how Datuk kept mumbling about his position as Minister of Agricultural (then) had opened his eye and pushed him closer to God.

My first assignment with Dato’ Husam when I began my service in Kelantan, I was brought to Kg. Sungai Keladi where we visited the poor. It kept me thinking until today, how lucky my kids are. How lucky I am as a father, to be able to give all the necessities to them. What about those who are unlucky? What about their kids? What about spreading a bit of our luck to them? How?

When Bariah told me about her Charity Plan, my respond was, let me put it on Kickdefella, I bet your charity drive will get overwhelming respond. Off cause, I was joking. Yes, I admit it now, that I was joking then.

Before I posted it on Kickdefella, the fund she had collected were merely enough for 30 hampers. At the end of this evening, she has managed to hand over 100 hampers to the needy. These mean Kickdefella readers had delivered 60 more smiles to the poor and needy.

Through this small and humble charity drive, Bariah collected about RM3,000. The humble amount in actual fact has become a mountain consisting of 500 kg grain, 200 kg of sugar, 200 kg of flour, 300 kg of cooking oil, plus, dozens of biscuits and cordials.

My only contribution was hitting the ‘ENTER’ key on my keyboard and sent the posting to the blogosphere, yet, I felt so proud.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all my readers whom has contribute in all sort of ways known to mankind. My contribution merely few paragraph of broken English, yet, you guys has managed to turn those grammatically problematic Kelantanese English into nothing but Gold.

This evening, we, yes, you, Bariah and me, we gave away another 40 hampers, to the senior citizens, single parents and the orphans of Kampong Demit in Kubang Kerian.

The simple ceremony was done at my place, where Dato’ Husam Musa, although very tired with his hectic schedule, managed to join in and spread the smile. Besides giving away those 40 hampers, Dato’ Husam also took the opportunity to give his personal contribution in cash.



On behalf of the people in Kampong Demit, we wish to thank Mr. Danali, Papa Monsterball, Mr. A. Aziz Othman, Mr. Mohd Isa Mansor, Ms. Yaya, Ms. Intan, Mr. Afiq and Mr. Roslan for spreading the smiles to those 40 receivers.

As Ramadan came to it last 7 days, and as we closed the curtain for this Ramadan Charity drive, I hope this is not the end but the beginning, which will mark the new meaning in the blogosphere.

God bless us, Malaysian!





Oh God, please bless our land, where the unfortunate and the poor, will find peace.

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