24 Sept 2007

Supermum is less ‘responsive’ today. Doctor suspected she suffered another stroke. They are hoping to wean her off the machine and do a scan later in the day.



Supermum back on life support machine at Universiti Malaya Specialist Centre in Petaling Jaya. She suffered internal bleeding and breathing difficulty. A tube is put through her nostril to suck out the blood from her stomach. When I visited her this morning, she is unconscious as a result of heavy sedation to stop her from struggling against the incubation.

Supermum arrived in Kuala Lumpur last week as we scheduled for her to meet Dr. Samuel Ong, Cardiologist at Subang Jaya Medical Centre. This action is agreed upon by all the siblings as we grew frustrated by the lack of proper medical attention from the Cardiologist in Kota Bharu.

When she was discharged from Kota Bharu Medical Centre few months ago, the hospital referred her case to a Cardiologist at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. However, the latest date available for consultation with the Cardiologist in charge was January 9, 2008.

While waiting for the day to arrive, supermum health deteriorated fast causing her to be put under the machine for few days in Hospital Kota Bharu. As the facilities and proper procedure can only be done in HUSM Kubang Kerian, we chose to arrange for her to meet the Cardiologist there at HUSM’s Private Wing. The same Cardiologist which took more than 6 months to see her, we were told, is available within a week time if we are willing to pay at the Private Wing.

Sadly, when the day comes to meet the Cardiologist, as we arrived there, we were told that our appointment has been cancelled as the Cardiologist chose to go for a vacation. The cancelation was done without informing us despite our effort of leaving two mobile phone numbers to the person in charge in case they need to contact us. We were told that only HUSM has the facilities to attend to Cardiac problem in all over Kelantan.

Supermum was scheduled to meet Dr. Samuel Ong in SJMC this week but as she suffered another episode of breathing difficulties, my sister has to take her to the nearest hospital for immediate attention.

This morning, Dr. Wahab, Cardiologist on call at UM Specialist Centre informed us that her condition is stable but ‘anything can happen, anytime’. Dr. Wahab also informed us that he had to temporarily stop Supermum from continuing with her heart medication due to the internal bleeding in her stomach. Although this will expose her for a possibility of another heart infarction, the hospital was left with no other option.

Monsterball and Amin Iskandar of Black in Korea were there with me this afternoon. I was scheduled to meet Zorro and other bloggers friend later in the evening but have to cancel it as I need to be back in Kota Bharu immediately.

On the flight to KL this morning, I met YB Mohd Amar, whom his father I served as driver in the late 80’s. YB Mohd Amar, who is also the state exco, recited a lengthy prayer for her. We knew all along, she needs lots and lots of prayers and a sheer miracle to accompany the medical treatment.