I thought of leaving the directing profession for sometimes now. However, it just lingers on me like the Aramis after shave lotion.

Two weeks ago I directed a documentary on the Chinese Community in Kelantan. The documentary is in Mandarin and directing something in the language that you are not familiar with really something that is very tough. I have stuck in the editing for a while now. Luckily my Director of Photography, Mr Ng Ah Tai is there with me helping me to understand what are being said by all those prominent Chinese personality that I have interviewed.

The 40 minutes documentary shall be my first video production in Kelantan. I hope to gather enough funds to print it into few thousands of DVD copies to be distributed all over the country. The documentary is purely a third party opinions without any voice over as I wanted the audience not to be disturbed by my personal opinions. Basically the whole documentary revolved around the opinions 5 individuals who are an ex reporter with Chinese Daily, The President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce, The President of Kelantan’s Lion Club, Building Developer and Cultural Activist. I also interviewed the Village Head of Kampong Cina and the Deputy Head of one of the Chinese Temple.

I hope the documentary will be an eye opener for Malaysian Chinese all over the country about life under the government controlled by Islamic Party of Malaysia.

This coming Thursday, I am invited to give a talk on Blog, Broadcasting and Internet Protocol Television in Perdana Hotel, Kota Bharu. Meanwhile, I am planning to organise few workshop myself after Ramadan. The workshop I am planning is on Photo Journalism and Photography, Story Telling and Video Production. Maybe, I can have some sponsor for the workshop. God Willing.