Bariah Ishak, 36 years old Johorean had never stayed in Kelantan for a total of more than 10 days. However, for the last three months, she has made two brief visits and just four weeks ago, she left everything behind and called Kelantan her home.

The former senior producer with a private television station, has now becoming more Kelantanese than myself. Since three weeks ago, she had travelled more than 2,000km around Kelantan and scouts almost all the beaches, tourist spot and food outlets. She has a huge plan which she already started with holding preliminary talks with some hoteliers in Kota Bharu.

However, her immediate action is organising a charity work for the fasting month. Bariah has put her money on buying food, biscuits, flour, cooking oil, sugar and some other things to be given to the poor and needy in Kota Bharu. Bariah also has managed to get donations from individuals in Kuala Lumpur, mostly from her circle of friends which included some big movie star. I was told, to date, from her collection, it will be enough to share with 30 families.

What touch me most is her sincerity in sharing whatever she has, which I know, she not have much.

I hope by highlighting her ‘Ramadhan’s Charity’ in this blog, I could help increase the number of potential receivers and help to do a small part in putting some smiles to those poor and needy.

Donations from readers of this blog are most welcome. The donation is not necessary in cash. To all my beloved reader who wished to spread some smiles among the poor and needy, you are welcome to donate by doing online transaction to BARIAH BINTI ISHAK, RHB Bank 1-12170-0004782-8 and email her at bariahishak@yahoo.com.my.

Kickdefella surely will be covering the big day which is plan in two weeks time.