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Deputy Prime Minister of the half-past six government has this to say, “‘If we do not obey the law, then there will be anarchy in our country, with nobody respecting the law,’ he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

I ask this, “If we the people of Malaysia did not defend our democratic rights, what will happen to our country?”

What are our democratic rights?

Are we the bunch of aggressor because we screamed and yelled to police for not letting us to pass through the road we used every day in order to return to the place we call home?

Are we the rioters when we go after the intruders whom trying to dictate what we could do and what we could not do in our village when majority of the villagers are okay with what we are doing?

Are we the idiots when we behaving aggressively to defend ourselves against the intruders whom weapon themselves with water cannon and teargas and at the end of the day fired their guns and hit us with live bullets?

Is this our Malaysia?

I ask Abdullah Haji Ahmad, whose Malaysia is this?

Yesterday, two people were shot by a policeman with live bullet and now in grave condition.

One of them, I was informed are fighting for his live in PAS ruled Kelantan after he was transferred from Terengganu to seek the best medical treatment in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian. Ironically, they can waste money on Monsoon Cup but not on medical.

As a Malaysian, I would anytime die for this country just like my father and many of those who fought to preserve the independence of this nation carried the same sentiment all the time with them.

But sadly, the policeman rather chooses to live and let the people who are trying to protect their democratic rights being the victim. The policeman is armed with gun and live bullet. The people are only armed with stone as reported by Reuters. Is there an evidence that all the people especially those who are unlucky were actually throwing stone at the police? Or, is it the people who are actually reacting in self defend? Is there an evidence that the villagers armed themselves with Molotov Cocktail or actually it is the undercover police personnel or UMNO goons are behind it to instigate those Malaysian?

On Saturday night, these are precisely what shrouded the place called Batu Burok.

What law should we obey if the Government blatantly disobey the law passed by the legislative? I was told Abdulah Haji Ahmad himself broke so many laws in the ECM-Libra scandal. I myself witness the Deputy Prime Minister abused his power when he himself used government helicopter to attend UMNO function. I myself instructed my crew to record how UMNO Kelantan broke the state entertainment enactment on the Merdeka Eve.

What law and whose law are we talking about. Is there a separate law that governed us? Are there separate enforcement style when it came to pig farmers and the opposition supporters? Is the guy that TV3 footages shown slamming the FRU with pig’s cage deserve to be handled with care and those whom throw their anger for not allowed to return to their house deserved to be shot?

I ask Abdullah Haji Ahmad, whose Malaysia is this?

And I ask all of you, is this our Malaysia?

My father fought for this country because he believed in preserving Malaysia as a democratic country. Many of his comrade had fall to ground and butchered with live bullets while fighting for democratic Malaysia.

And today, many of their sons, me included, without doubt are prepared to follow the footstep of our father, so our children can live in a democratic country.

If the authority wants to fight fire with fire, we are ready.

This is our Malaysia.

And we are Malaysian!


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