Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga.

Between 2.00 am to 5.30 am today, 6 September 2007, intruder(s) broke into my house. They took my mobile phone which was on the dressing table, before they opened the drawer and took all the balance 10 pieces of my business card and all my receipts which includes, my ERL receipts, my Starbucks receipt and few other miscellaneous receipts from my wallet.

Neither did they take anything else from my wallet nor did they take other stuffs from the house.

During that incident, two of my youngest kids were sleeping with me.

After consulting my superior, I filed a police report around noon. The investigating officer then came to my house two hours later to take some photographs.

What puzzles the investigating officer is that why the intruder(s) choose to take those three items and left other items which a common thief would not leave behind.

I thank god for the intruder(s) did not go any further, nevertheless it is quite unpleasant to know that a stranger is in your room when you and your kids are sleeping.

When the investigating officer asked me whether I suspected anybody, she was vividly surprised when my reply was; I will not rule out that this is politically motivated. I then explained that there are two strange incident when a stranger came to my mother’s house claiming to be doing some sought of census but end up more interested in asking about me than about my mother. On both occasion the person then left without doing any ‘censuses’ at other houses.

A person that I respected most has this to say, “This is an attempt to ‘assassinate’ you!”

Over 41 times of reading the Surah Yassin as advised to me, I left everything in the hand of god. God shall be the prosecutor, the jury and the judge, for he is the Greatest of all.