On Merdeka eve, I was asked to give statement to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission regarding my posting, You Give US a Bad Name on Kickdefella.wordpress.com dated 4th July 2007. I was questioned by the Investigating Officer from the Monitoring & Enforcement Division.

As a proud Malaysian, I gave my full cooperation. Over Marlboro and Dunhill, the session lasted for about 90 minutes with me willingly answering the entire question in 14 pages and even shows some skills on Adobe Photoshop.

Before the session begins, The Investigating Officer asked whether I have ever gives any statement to the police etc. He then proceed by reading my rights and said I am asked to give my statement under The Communications and Multimedia Act (1998) which is the Act 588 section 256 (2). I am told that my statement is to help with the investigation and I am not the accused.

I shall not speculate on a matter that is under investigation but in general these are among the information that I voluntarily provide to help with the investigation,

  1. That I admitted that I owe 2 web blogs; one is https://kickdefella.wordpress.com and two, http://penembakbadak.wordpress.com.
  2. That I admitted I take sole responsibility on my web blogs.
  3. That I admitted I handle all the updating and maintenance of the web blogs.
  4. That I admitted I wrote all the articles on my web blogs.
  5. That I admitted I upload all the contents myself.
  6. That I admitted I did upload the article You Give Us a Bad Name on the 4th July 2007.
  7. That I admitted copying the photo for that articles from third parties websites.
  8. That I admitted that I digitally put the word “FAKE” in one of the three photographs posted under that particular posting.
  9. That I admitted I knew that one of the photographs that I copied from the third party site has been digitally doctored.
  10. That I admitted I have the skills to used Adobe Photoshop to do Digital Imaging Manipulations.
  11. That I admitted I have myself digitally manipulates about 50 images that I posted on my web blogs.
  12. That I admitted all the information that I provided in the statement are done voluntarily.

I would like to thank Rocky, Zorro, Allied Master and Elviza for the support and words of encouragement. Rocky worked hard to make sure that I was actually giving the statement to ‘the right person’.

I would also wish to thank the Investigating Officer for understanding my needs of Marlboro.

On the Merdeka Day, I started my morning with a prayer to my late father whom together with thousands other Malaysian, Australians, New Zealanders, Papua New Guineans, Indians, Gurkhas and many other young men from the British Commonwealth, fought and some even lost their lives while a lot more wasted their youth in the Jungle in Malaya and Borneo, just to make this country what it is today. For that, I salute them.

I also would like to recognise the Bangladeshis, Indians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Burmese and many other who have worked hard to make our cities what there are today.

I would also like to thank Arwah Mokhtar Dahari, James Wong, Soh Chin Aun and R. Arumugam, Marina Chin, Zaiton Othman and Isthiaq Mubarrak, The Malaysian Hockey team in the seventies, Foo Kok Keong, Ong Beng Teong and Razif Sidek, and David Arumugam, Sudirman Haji Arshad and Tun Dr Mahathir for making me proud of being a Malaysian. For your passion will forever live in my memory. For you have enlightens your era and I am proud to witness those moments.

And, for today, I created my Herbs and Vege gardens in the backyard as my contribution to our Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad’s dreams of exporting our vegetables to Japan in return of having all Hondas here, tax free.

How I wish Malaysia is a place where the people rule the politicians and not the politicians rule us. Maybe PRU 12 will be a day where we teach BN, PAS, DAP, Keadilan and the rest that we, Malaysian, have enough of you all. If we count all the members of these political parties, I do not think it even make up to one-third of the voters. So why should we allow them to rule us?

How are we going to do that? As I see it, there are two ways of doing it. One is by making the PRU 12 a non-event. Yes, let us all not go out to vote. Let us make PRU 12 the worst ever election turn-out in the history of the WORLD. Or, if we choose to go out and vote, let us not vote the Parties; let us vote the candidates, instead. In this manner, we are able to teach all political parties to considered us, the Malaysian not themselves when they want to put their candidates.

Are we Merdeka? I used to believe so.