The Green Corridor

The last two weeks were the busiest weeks for most people within the Kelantan Civil Service and within the political circles. Almost every day there are functions that involved the Palace. Both the HRH the King and HRH the Queen are very supportive and being busy meeting the subjects in states functions.


Before The Prime Minister Abdullah Haji Ahmad (Badawi wasn’t in his Birth Certificate), arrives for the scheduled launching of The Eastern Corridor after Raya, Kelantan already has surplus of economic corridors which are more practical, sustainable, people friendly and nature friendly which most important, actually benefit the people and not crony-friendly and son-in-law friendly only.

Above all, the Kelantan Economic Corridor are Palace Friendly, religions Friendly and discrimination-free.


Among the flagship under the Kelantan Economic Corridor were:

  1. The Senior Citizen’s Corridor – which is Pelan Takaful Kifalah.

  2. The Single Mother’s Corridor – which is the Armallah – where the state provides one-off donation and social-economic supports.

  3. The Rempit’s Corridor – The state’s invest in a racing circuit in Tanah Merah for motorsports activities.

  4. The Goat’s Corridor – Where the state provides the participant with 5 goats each and upon breeding, the goats will then collected by state to be given to next group of participants.

  5. The Golden Corridor – where the state is planning an economic based on the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham.

Those are among the example of the ‘corridor’ that has benefits the people of Kelantan. Although it is not the Billion Ringgit kind of Corridor but what most important is, it actually help generating the state’s economy and help the consumers to have the buying power.

Today, I have the opportunity to interview Dr. Pheeraphan Wijitphan an expert in Agar Wood and owner of Agar Wood Siam Co. Ltd.


Dr. Pheraphan is here on the invitation of Mr Zaidi of Agarwood Industry (Kelantan) Sdn Bhd, the company that plays an important role in developing the Gaharu industry in Kelantan. Dr. Pheeraphan is working hand in hand with Mr. Zaidi in developing the Gaharu economic which the wealth shall linger on Kelantanese just as the smell of Agar Wood itself.

Yesterday, HRH the Queen has given each Gaharu participants under The MB Corporation’s ‘Skim Galakan Tanaman Karas’ the ‘Pokok Depu or Karas’ as the marked of the beginning of the Gaharu revolution in Malaysia. One Depu tree is known to generate a minimum of RM120,000. Don’t ask me on the details, because I am still very confused about it. But just imagine the worth of 5 or 10 Depu Tree for each participant. After only 2 and a half to five years the participant can start to expect the revenue from each tree.



In The Kelantan Economic Corridor, the people are the cronies of the state government. We torture our cronies to work hard by giving them something worth to work for. We do not ask our cronies to flatten the earth but we forced them to make our world greener.

With that, we hope that when Annuar Musa become the next MB of Kelantan after BN recapture the state in next election, Annuar Musa can sleep his term to death as the PM is doing with his.

By the way, did I see Khairy Jamaluddin in Vietnam recently? Is BN planning to branch out in Vietnam with all the BN posters being printed there? I wonder.

I feel green!