It’s been a gruesome week. On the day I was informed that Super Mum will be discharge from the hospital, I rushed to get a flight ticket back to KL.

Upon arriving in KL after horrendous delays by Malaysia Airlines, I saw the true definition of “Tongkah Pecah” with exhausted ‘sailors’ surrounding it at my former home in KL.



The next day we packed everything into two lorries and we left for Kota Bharu. That is our farewell to the place we called home for the last seventh years. No barbeque, no farewell party as planned originally.

On Saturday all our things arrived with minor damaged and I think it will take us a month or two to have all of it in place.

My instinct was right. The kids love the place. Wef and Guli immediately put on their boots and started playing football as early as the first light. Al is waiting for his bicycle which I promised, to scout around the Kampong.

Meqna however find it difficult to settle down at first as she never laid her foot on the grass or the soil before. She found it weird and terrifying. But not for long, by noon, she already started to terrorise the yard.





Yesterday Mama joined us. Her condition is very much ‘not good’. I am not sure how to put it but it was difficult to understand her words. The water retention in her lungs is causing her breathing becomes very heavy. Having the hospital discharging her even in such bad shape will only make us understand more about how bad her health is. It is like living on a borrowed time.

Nevertheless, we really find solace in this new place. Watching the squirrels, birds, insects and of cause the cows, remind me of my childhood days. I am very happy now that my kids also have the chance enjoy such atmosphere.

Kuala Lumpur will never be the same for us anymore. There are lots of things that I had take for granted in regard of Kuala Lumpur for the last 17 years; I would not say I shall miss living in KL though. I am also sure, KL still will be, if not weekly, at least monthly affair for me. Nevertheless for my kids, leaving Kuala Lumpur for Kelantan is such a monumental migration in a lot of aspect. It will bring certain psychological effects to them.