Around ten this morning, Dr. Nurul Huda informed us that Mama is now in much stable condition compared to the last twelve hours. At about eleven, she is off the machine and I managed to spoke to her and listened to the voice I missed most. She looks fine. Nevertheless as our experience with our late father taught us, we are prepared for anything to happen.

Mama is 70 years old and has been suffering from diabetic for the last 40 years. She also had been living with hypertension for 20 years or so now. The last two months, her heart started to fail her. As the result of the heart failure, fluid gathered in her lungs causing difficulty for her to breathe.

With her desire for good food, I have to respect her for surviving with diabetic that long without any visible effect to her physic. The first thing she asked me today was what’s for lunch? When I informed her that she had to fast for the next six hours before she can take any fluid or food, she looks visibly upset.

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes through this blog and smses. We appreciated it very much.

Before I left for Penang last weekend, our final conversation was regarding her Takaful Kifalah policy. She was quite disturbs with the fact that the policy-holder will only received the money upon death. Later, she finally understood that Takaful Kifalah is all about reducing the burdens for the kin upon the death, and for muslim, it can be used to settle all outstanding debts if any. Since, my mum said she is debt free, she told me to use the money to make her grave looks beautiful, so all her children and grand children would love to visit her grave. I took it as a joke.

Since coming back to Kelantan, mum has become my good buddy. We love to jokes with each other and constantly jabbing each other with our sarcasm. Now, I am staring at the prospect of losing not just my mum but also my new found buddy. They said, when you love someone, you have to set them free. I am not going to be selfish about it.

I shall leave to God for what best for her.

I thank God for this wonderful three months with her. With His miracle, I have stumble upon Dato’ Husam, and soon pack my stuff and living with my mum again, just like it used to be thirty years ago. God is great. As I live and breathe, I can never dispute it. Life is such a well written script and it is like a box of chocolate, you never knew what you going to get inside it, (so said Forest Gump’s mother).

But, as I also claimed, God works in a mysterious way. Bringing me back to Kelantan was actually His way of preparing me for moments like this. While I am not sure this moment is the preparation for what that lie in the future, I always knew that it is for the best. Nothing less.

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