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A blue print for the Ummah


Tun’s opening speech

That’s the word for it. In fact, that’s the tagline. Nevertheless, this highly controversial subject with the current Prime Minister Abdullah Haji Ahmad declared illegal has been going into such an intelligence discussion with economic experts and professor from all over the world coming together calling for Petronas to handle it’s trade in Gold Dinar. It is sad not to see at least the second Minister of Finance attending the conference on behalf of the Malaysian Government which The Deputy Prime Minister claimed to be an Islamic Country.

The Dinar is not just important for the muslim as it reflect from the conference which also attracted non muslim participants from all corner of the world.


Dinar is the subject that always close to my heart

A matter close to my heart

That was the word uttered by Tun Dr. Mahathir in his opening speech on the 24th July 2007. In Malaysia, Tun was seen as the pioneer of developing the idea of Dinar Economy, which he proposed to be used for trading between the Islamic Country during the end of his tenure. For the record, it was Professor Umar Ibrahim Vadillo who mooted out the idea to Tun.


Dato’ Husam with Professor Umar Ibrahim Vadillo

Professor Umar Ibrahim Vadillo proposed the idea to Dato’ Husam in early nineties. During the economic downturn in late nineties, Husam proposed for Vadillo to meet Tun which he did. But only after the fourth time he managed to influence Tun of the strength and logic of going back to Dinar and Dirham.

Since then, it was no turning back for Tun. However, the current Prime Minister Abdullah Haji Ahmad whom portrayed himself as a pious person and view by many as a very religious Prime Minister cannot comprehend the idea. This shows that the Dinar Economy Model is not a matter of just religion but also intelligence. So, the not brainy Pak Lah will never able to see why we should push the Dinar Economic Model back into the civilisation.

I bet, once the campaign to explain the Dinar Economic to the public of the advantages and benefits, there will be more non muslim than the muslim who going to invest into the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham.

A small step for a man, a giant leap for …


The historical step

Around 8.40pm, Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz, the Menteri Besar of Kelantan, for the first time steps into the PWTC which for years being the symbol of liabilities for UMNO. Tuan Guru attended the dinner in conjunction with the conference.


Kelantan TV and live streaming

Kelantan.TV has been handling the live video streaming of the two days seminar to all over the world. The genius behind the webcast business is non other than Mr. Mohd Roslan Mohd Zain whom for many years now has been the pillar of live streaming activities from Kelantan which amongst others includes the State Assembly sitting. This coming 30th July, Kelantan.TV will again handle the live video streaming for the launching of Dinar Keputeraan by the DYMM Al Sultan Kelantan.


The man behind the live streaming

Readers can view all the recorded version of the International Conference on Dinar Economy from and for the presentation papers and news of Dinar Conference at


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