Malaysian Parliament will be dissolved end of July or within the first week of August. While UMNO divisional chairmen and members strongly believed that Election will either be held early or by the end of first quarter of 2008, latest rumours (or it can be infos) on the ground are saying that election will not be called on the 26 August 2007 but a week earlier which is 18 August 2007.

Malaysian Prime Minister is not just going to catch the opposition by surprise but also Mahathir’s sympathisers and supporters within UMNO itself. According to same sources within UMNO, it is impossible for The Prime Minister to call for election by August because there is certain procedure’s has yet to be fulfilled. Upon checking with some veteran from UMNO, I however was told that there is no such written procedure but it is just the norms from the previous administration and Pak Lah, who is known not to be an organisation person, will choose not to follow the norms.

Meanwhile some of the civil servant will attend the compulsory election courses tomorrow, 17 July 2007. UMNO Secretary General meanwhile claimed that UMNO is all gear up and ready for election soon and ready to take over Kelantan. Khairy Jamaluddin meanwhile launched a personal attacked on Dato’ Husam Musa by claiming that Husam is enjoying too much power in Kelantan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I pray that I am wrong and I am very happy if came August 2007, you all will post a comment and say “Aiyoo Sheih, mana itu Election? You banyak torak lah!”.

I cannot see the rational of having an early election. The Prime Minister economic policy yet to benefit the people. In fact he still to fulfil his last election promises. As much as I cannot see anymore election goodies the Prime Minister can announce in the Budget sitting, as he has already announced billions and billions of projects which yet to take off and benefit the people. So Pak Lah, if you are man enough, I challenged you to have the election after April 2008.

I believe Malaysians now are ready to give you an ample time to warm up and to up what ever left to up about. Enjoy your erection before the election Sir! Because when election comes, we hope you are prepared to lay to us all the report cards that you promised.

So, why call the election in August?