Dearest Chai Kee,

After 50 years of independent we became a very confuse nation. We have lost our mind and fail to recognise which is gangster and which is freedom fighter. Should we take an innocent young man into custody for having a document that might prove someone big is guilty? In those days, the police were formed to protect the people from the bad guys. Perhaps nowadays, the police are form to protect bad politician from the masses that voted them into power and in order to do so, the bad politician will go sleeping on the police so-called friendship with the gangster.

Well, maybe this is the deal between the police force with Malaysia Prime Minister for sleeping on the IPCMC proposal. IPCMC? How I am not surprised that it is all but forgotten. Did anyone still remember how the police representatives politely told The Prime Minister that they will not have ‘power’ to ‘help’ the (BN) politician if IPCMC is implemented? Remember that they ‘whisper’ that they will not vote for BN if PM carry on with the IPCMC? No. Because we are very forgetful lot.

Dearest Chai Kee,

Is Nat going to be joined by other bloggers under the custody of the mobster? Maybe. But first read this statement by the AG on a Corrupt Joe’s case

“Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail ordered the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to cease its investigations on Johari.
He said the decision was made because the ACA was unable to find any statement to link Johari to the alleged offence.
Gani said the ACA opened five investigation papers after receiving information on the matter on March 5.
Statements were recorded from criminals detained under the Ordinance and related statements of accounts were also scrutinised.

For the three investigation papers, the ACA investigation found that the said criminals had denied giving Datuk Johari Baharum money as a bribe.

Two other investigation papers opened showed that several of the criminals who are important witnesses could not be traced after their release,” Gani said in a statement issued to Bernama (By Paul Gabriel, The Star, 12 July 2007).

So, how can we be so sure that any Corrupt Joe is not corrupt after all? Do you think the said criminal whom we claimed to be released after paying huge sum to any Corrupt Joe will admit to ACA that they paid Corrupt Joe? What happen if they admitted? Aren’t they going straight back to where they were before the ‘transaction”.

So, how can we be so sure that our Corrupt Joe is not corrupt after all? Do you think the other said criminal will stay put and waited for ACA to come after them when the issue was made public. If they have so much money to ‘donate’ to certain Corrupt Joe, don’t you think they have nothing left to make a great escape when ACA searched for them? What a Kurap!

So, is this the achievement for our beloved Malaysia after 50 years under the rule of BN? Let’s be fair, I am proud of our 46 years achievement as a nation, but nothing to be proud of since the NaikLah became the PM (short form for Pi MampusLah).

Welcome to the wonderful world of Malaysia.

By the way, we have lost again in the Asia Cup. After 50 years, we are becoming too old to play football. In merely two games, we conceded 10 goals. If our goalkeeper received RM1k each for each goal, we can now be proud that he is at least RM10k richer. If ACA go and ask the bookie do they rasuah our player, do you think the bookie will admit it? So, before we waste so much of tax payers money, let us beg ACA not to investigate the matter.