August 3rd, Prime Minister Abdullah Haji Ahmad will advise the YDP Agong to dissolve the Parliament. On the night the whole nation while be informed through RTM and Media Prima’s channels. It has been planned for everybody to be caught by surprise as majority are predicting election will be after Raya Aidil Fitri and before Aidil Adha.

By 6th May (Actually 6th August, so sorry folks), election commission will announce the nomination day and the Election Day for all contested constituencies. Saturday, 25th August and Sunday 26th August will be the Election Day. A week later, Barisan Nasional will organise the mother of all celebration for BN as the government for Malaysia of the last 50 years. That day will be 31st August 2007.

Why Pak Lah wants election so soon? Well he knows and he also has been advised that Barisan Nasional cannot bank in on Pak Lah popularity and achievements anymore to sustain huge majority in Parliament and to retain Terengganu. Having election in August itself will be a good way to diminish the possible challenge from Tengku Razaleigh. How is Pak Lah going to do that? Well, Tengku Razaleigh himself knew that Annuar Musa is eyeing for Parliamentary seat beside his state sit. The Parliamentary sit for Annuar Musa will be no other than in Gua Musang itself. The calendar of The New Malay with Annuar’s picture is everywhere in BN hardcore area in Gua Musang constituencies. Annuar Musa is the New King.

Having election after Aidil Fitri or after the New Year will be bad for Abdullah. That is the obvious time that the voters pockets are empty. Going to election with empty pocket will mean only one thing, people are not happy. When they are not happy, they will blame the government for it.

Having election in August will be banking on the feel good factors. The civil servant will start to receive their new salaries by the end of July. They will have extra money and they will feel very good indeed. For the rest of the voters, the patriotic sentiment will be sky-high. For months now they are being told on national TV and mainstream newspaper that the 50 years achievements are the worked of Barisan Nasional. Millions of Jalur Gemilang will be everywhere and for the first time we will see the nation going into election dressed up in Jalur Gemilang rather than in BN’s blue, Pas’s green and DAP’s red and white.

What is the indicator that can be considered as yardstick for election in August? Well, if you have outstanding payment for your utility services, don’t worry, it will not be disconnected yet. If you have default your loan, your credit card payment etc, no worries, your feel good feeling will not going to be chop off by the arrival of the reminder anymore, at least until end of August. Do not worry about financial institution sending crook to repossess your car. They will be on leave till end of August. Haven’t you realise it yet? Don’t you know that ‘some’ sort of special instruction has been circulating out there?

If you are a headmaster, school teacher or in the civil service, you will realise a lot of your colleague received letter to attend courses with regard of the election. Basically, everything in the book about preparing for election is already happening.

One friend chided, “semua barang Pak Lah kasi naik, ‘barang’ Pak Lah, Jean kasi naik! Jadi Pak Lah feels good, apa lagi mau tunggu?”.

So, election in October or November? Well you think by then the civil service will still remember about the pay rise? Even if they are promised year end bonus, they will not receive it till year end and that will not be enough for parents to cover the expenses of buying new school books, uniforms, school fees etc etc which obviously those items are not going to be any cheaper neither it going to be at the same price with last year. Is that feel good?

Maybe you are waiting for the announcement of a lower fuel price? Well perhaps we are wishful thinking.

So, election in August? If you ask me, I will not say no and I will not say maybe. I will say yes.