Is this the best Keadilan man can come with? This is a despicable act by who ever he is.

Read the comment below posted by Tian’s reader

“There is no doubt that the photo is a fake – even Tian Chua would acknowledge that and also know that anyone with common sense can figure that out. (But we live in a country with very little of that – if not Tengku Razaleigh who was felled with the pix of a cross on his Kadazan headgear would have been PM)

Why Tian indulges himself so stupidly is a mystery. Now when the real picture comes out – I’m sure Tian Chua’s doctored pix will be used to cause confusion and will get airtime in order to show that it was the work of the enemy and blur what might actually be the truth.

Stupid Boy Tian Chua ! Don’t be so amateurish. You once ran for parliament with good intentions !

Karpal has got the pix and it will come out in time. You have just spoilt his well-laid gambit !!” by Rawnsley 4th July, 12:31 am here.

After shouting Altantunya! Altantunya! in Ijok and lost the election, the party might as well lose their head too.

Government in waiting? No wonder BN always win.