Dearest Chai Kee,

Please accept my apology for not replying earlier to your email. Basically there is nothing much happen these couple of days. The sun has not shine as bright as it used to be, so, taking out my Nikon for a photo shoot is not a good idea. What is a picture without a good contrast and depth? Nevertheless, the night is beautiful. The full moon is wonderful. Still, I am too lazy to take a snap of it.

Or maybe all that is just the reason for not replying to your email. Although it sounds so gloomy right now, still, maybe it is a sign of something brewing.

I am still searching high and low for a house to rent. The kidos are anxiously waiting to join me here. I thought it is easy to find a place in Kota Bharu. I used to brag that it is a half day work. But now, it has been three months and still couldn’t rent one. I might be too choosy yet what I am looking for is just a simple decent place that can be fun for the kids. Yes, they live near perfect live there in our condo in KL. I am determined to get a place that if not better at least equally good. If not I am not being fair to them.

What am I looking for? Well, a place to call house with 5 rooms to fit me, my four kids, my maid, my mum and her maid too. Few days ago, my wife too decided to join us in Kelantan. After few trips back here, what I can say is that, she has fallen in love with the place.

So I am still on the look out.