Today sitting saw Annuar Musa arrived fifteen minutes early but until the end of the morning session, Dato’ Mustapha Mohamed is nowhere to be seen. Is there a conflict between Annuar Musa and Tok Pa?

The weird thing about Tok Pa disappearance was that, he posted a written question which is question number 10 for today’s proceeding. It is a waste for a YB to post a question but he is not around when the question was call.

Nevertheless Annuar Musa appearance after leading the walk out yesterday manage to fill the house with laughter with all the sarcasm exchanges between both the government representatives, the Backbenchers and the oppositions.

At one point Annuar Musa and Dato’ Husam fire up the dewan when Dato’ Husam stood up to answer the question posted by Annuar Musa on the Lojing Issues.

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Immediately after the morning session adjourned, Annuar Musa makes a press conference and deliberate on accusation towards a state exco. An accusation which he blatantly tried to mention in the House without any relevancy towards the debate.