Dearest Chai Kee,

Yes, I will agree with my critics that said I am paid to spin (It is a compliment actually). Nevertheless sometimes I wish to thank to those BN YBs for making my work much easier.

Please take a look at those pictures that I attached with this email. What did it tells you. Am I spinning something?

In the first picture, seat number 1 is reserved to the Opposition Leader, YB Kok Lanas, Annuar Musa. After he got smashed by all the facts on Lojing and KADA’s involvement as the culprit causing environmental disaster by Dato’ Husam during the morning session, he went out to the press and makes all sorts of accusation. We all eagerly waited for him to come back in the afternoon session because we would love to ask him to repeat what he just said to the press in front of all the Members of State Assembly. Nevertheless, either he is too coward or to busy with other matters, he choose not to attend the afternoon session.

Seat number two is reserved for YB of Ayer Lanas, Mustapha Mohamed. After challenging Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz, the day before, to make sure all the toilet in the mosque all over Kelantan is clean before September, he rather choose to skip today’s session altogether. This makes us wonder, is he somewhere in Jeli cleaning the entire toilet or in some university doing the same thing.

Seat number three reserved for YB Gual Ipoh, Hashim Saffin. After complaining the day before that he was not given the due respect because the speaker always overlooked in giving him the chance to join the debate, he was given 50 minutes that particular day and continued with another 30 minutes today. However, in the afternoon session, he went missing although there are 2 other bills to be tabled and plenty of chance to join the debate. This makes us wonder, is he too exhausted after speaking more than one hour? Did this joker just say that he wants to be involved in all debates?

Compare the picture number one with the second picture? Do I need to spin my dear?

Dearest Chai Kee,

What should I say about the last two pictures? If a picture paint a thousand words, then we can have two thousand words or more to spin about these two. However, to think of it, it needs no single word.

According to UMNO sources, they have only 10 safe state seats that they believe they can win coming next election. Well I would say, yes, by the performance of their YBs and judging from their attendance and participation, that is the most for them.

If they cannot even sit still for two days sitting, then why the hell did Sinar Harian claimed that the two days sitting is too short? In fact Sinar Harian claimed that this is the shortest sitting ever. Hello, let me refer to the document that I received which listed that Perlis had 1 day sitting in 5 April 2007.

Terengganu will have one day sitting in August 2007. Kedah will have one day sitting also in August 2007. Pahang too will have one day sitting in August 2007. Meanwhile Johore will have one day sitting in September 2007. So, is Sinar Harian going to apologise to the Kelantan State Assembly.

All the State Assembly above is controlled by Barisan Nasional. Judging by the performance of their colleague in Kelantan, I shall rest my case.

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