BN Assemblymen left the State Assembly after they fail to tabled five motions. The speaker rejected those motions which involved, Skim Pelan Takaful Kifalah, Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd and three other motions. The Speaker decided that it is not necessary to debate the motions.

While at Dewan Rakyat today, the motion by MP of Kubang Kerian, YB Sallehuddin Ayub was rejected by the Speaker in Chamber citing the reason that the house only allow one motion to be tabled in one day. YB Sallehudin did not leave the house despite his motion being rejected.

Just imagine what going to happen if the Speaker of Kelantan State Assembly allows five motions to be heard in a single day?

Meanwhile this morning, local newspaper, Sinar Harian, already highlight that today’s sitting will be on fire as the BN representatives will go all out to demand for the motions to be heard. The newspaper claimed that Annuar Musa will question the credibility of the State Assembly for denying their motions. Nevertheless, besides showing his gloomy face, Annuar Musa did nothing except for standing up one or twice and than just left the room never to return for the day.

5 BN representatives do not join the sitting despite being around the State Assembly. Some sources claimed that the 5 BN representatives did not agree with Annuar’s decision which may has been pre plan earlier, to walk out of the house.

Ironically, all the 5 BN representatives join the afternoon session with all BN representatives. However, Annuar Musa is nowhere to be seen the whole evening. Is there a friction after the walk out among the BN representatives with Annuar Musa?

Where is Annuar Musa? Why is the opposition leader not around when he fired the pre emptive in Sinar Harian?

Why did Mustapha Mohamed take charge for BN in the afternoon session? The claimed by Sinar Harian’s headline on the front page “Sidang DUN Tegang” seems not happening after all. Sinar Harian also reported that this sitting which is for two days is the shortest and that for sure is a blatant lie. I am not sure why Sinar Harian’s editorial did not do their homework before making such pre emptive attacked on the State Assembly. (For reader information, Kedah, Perlis and few other states used and planning to have their sitting for only a day).

Mustapha Mohamed left the house at 16:06 while the BN representatives still debating the “Enakmen Perbekalan Tambahan (2007). So, what is actually happening with BN Kelantan? Annuar Musa is not around and To Pa decided to leave early? At the end of today’s session, BN Kelantan is leaderless.

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After merely fifteen minutes of sitting, BN Assemblymen lead by Annuar Musa left en masse the State Assembly.

All the BN Assemblymen rather choose to be resting in the holding room as they might find that is a more appropriate space for them comparing to being in the proceeding.

Earlier, immediately after the State Assembly began its proceeding, ADUN BN Bukit Bunga started complaining about the speaker’s decision one after the other. Annuar Musa soon joins in with his salvo and followed by Mustapha Mohamed.