YB Dato’ Takiyudin Hj Hassan, YB Dato’ Anuar Tan and YB Dato’ Husam

When you love somebody, you have to be honest with them. If not, you are mere taking advantage of the person.

By now, most of us have fall in love with Kelantan. Do not matter who we are and whether we are politically motivated or not. Let us see the other coin and help the state government of Kelantan to improve more.


Cow in the city

Contrary to many believe, once you step out of Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Pengkalan Chepa, you will realize, Kelantan is not a poor state after all. Yes, we might have limited resources yet Kelantan has developed well for a state that is always being discriminate by the big brother. And if you take a cab from the airport, don’t be surprised the fee is RM20.00 for a mere ten minutes drive.

Nevertheless, besides the achievement in manipulating the limited resources to develop the state, there are still lots of avenue for change. Yet, the problem we are facing more a less the same problem in any third world country.

There are two places that caught me, first the place called Kedai Lalat (Flies’s Town) few kilometers from Kota Bharu and the next place is called Panggung Lalat (Flies’s Cinema) near Kuala Betis in Gua Musang. I always wonder why such name was given to such a decent place. To be honest with you, flies are a huge problem in Kelantan (and other rural area too in other parts of the world).

One night as Dato’ Husam, Bro Rudin X and I were sipping our coffee in Secret Recipe, KB Mall, and one fly constantly attacking the blueberry cheesecake. He he, if you can imagine this, than imagine other type of shops. Yes I have worst episode with those flies in Ulu Yam and in Pedu, Kedah, but isn’t Kelantan a city develop based on religion believes. Isn’t every religion push for cleanliness?

The cleanliness in the City of Kota Bharu has improved a lot compared to early nineties when PAS first took over the government. Yet, it is merely satisfactory. We need it to be excellent.

Nevertheless one thing that never improved is the drainage system. Many houses within Kota Bharu itself do not have proper drainage system. Some may argue that it will cause a fortune to solve this problem, but argument along will bring us nowhere. The municipal council will need to push and lobby for a proper drainage system in the entire housing are. Bad drainage system breads millions of mosquitoes every day. Aren’t mosquitoes dangerous?


Favourite Pass Time


The Patrons

Living in a small city will always be associated with laid-back attitude. However if you are in the customer service business or if you are a company secretary you have no liberty to be so bloody slow. But yes they are truly damn slow. I believe one company secretary which is a subsidiary of the state agency is the worst kind of all. I thought every religion asked us to work honestly, diligently and efficiently?

Some of the company for example Syarikat Kenderaan Melayu Kelantan (SKMK) has been there for ages and it monopoly the bus routes in Kelantan, Where are they now? They still the same Salah Konner Mapuih Keras company. Giving their record of accomplishment, they should already be there in Wall Street.

Well folks that is the starter. I need some help from the Kelantanese living in Kelantan and outside Kelantan and for all of the readers to give me more. I may be right, I maybe wrong but as I say, Kelantan is not a normal state, we based ourselves on religion. All religion has their universal values. No religions promote negative values.

So folks, the expectations are high. Although the politician working hard to implement the proper policies, it can only work if the executives and the civil service, the municipal councils and other agencies are gear up for it. And do not forget the mentality of the people too. First class facilities, third class mentalities, mmm, it sounds so Putrajaya.



Legal Expert – The Hard Working YB Dato’ Takiyuddin Hj Hassan, (Chairman of Local Authority, Housing and Health committee)