Received an early morning phone call from Dato’ Husam asking why I resign from ALL BLOGS. Never had the chance to thank him for his concern, though. But the whole episode reminds me of my conversation with Bro Rocky three days after I was offered to return to Kelantan.

Rocky told me this, “Take the job bro, if they paid you in Dinar Emas even better!”. My Dad Mr Zorro also agreed with Rocky’s decision. Daddy Zorro however a bit concern about my children. “You have young kids…” He said.

Those are among the few people whom I consulted.

Later, few days before I left, I had lunch in Starbucks with Papa Monty. He said this, “Go there and continue your mission as a Malaysian”.

Now, I am back in Kelantan for almost two months after self asylum for 17 years. I am here, proudly as a Malaysian.