As I wake up in the middle of the night to change my mum’s diaper, I spend sometime thinking of me, being 70 and I am not the Ex Prime Minister of Malaysia or a Millionaire whom can afford to hire people to do it for me.

At the same time, I have lots of debt that yet to sort out. Loan with the banks and the credit company. Stranded in a small Island in the middle of the sea alone with sharks waiting to have me for their meal.

Many times people come to question my stubbornness to keep standing by this 68 years old SS Goh. My mum might be an angel to me, but her grumpiness and hot temper can be disruptive to others. But, still, people are polite enough to say, she’s old, she’s sick, she need the attention.

SS Goh is lucky to be IT literate so he can spend most of his time sharing his opinion with strangers over the net. My Mum is not.

My late father shared the same fate like my mum. My brother in law will have to print those anti Mahathir’s article on the net and put into his mail box the next morning. He will then call use to talk about the current issues that he just read. Most of the time, we do not have time to talk about that with him, because we have our own life to live and in my case, I do not trust what were written in the net about Mahathir whom I love so much.

If my late father is IT literate, he might had posted his opinion on the blogs etc. He believed he deserved his opinion and he believed, we, the younger generation should listen to him because, he had fought for what we have enjoyed today. Well that is his opinion. We may not share it and we whom are pro Mahathir then might have gone and bash him. He will feel that he did not get the respect from us and will fight back in demand of acknowledgement.

Then after things have gone out of proportions, we, the young and capable go and search for all the personal information and published it on the net. So, the whole world can read how my father owned his credit card companies without even can service the interest for twenty years. So the whole world can see that how much money we the family members owed the private hospitals because we wanted all of us to feel comfortable in the hospital etc etc.

Is this what we as bloggers are fighting for. Well, maybe the answer will come to BigDog, Simon, A Voice, Shar and me when we are in our seventies.

Till then, I would rather feel more comfortable to walk with my beloved Bro Rocky and Bro Jeff while waiting to walk with SS GOH to court when the Finance Company starts suing him courtesy of us.

The President

National Alliance of Bloggers

Kuala Lumpur

14 June 2007

Resignation as Member of ALL BLOGS Pro Tem Committee

After reading the posting and comments on my Brother Shar 101’s blog, I came to realised that it is time for me to leave ALL BLOGS.

It is now clear that my relationship with Mr SS GOH has cause so much tension and this may disrupt the unity that I dream within the blogosphere. As such, for the benefit of ALL BLOGS, let me not put my baggage on such a glorious achievement that marked the Malaysian Bloggers unification.

I always believe in my Brother Rocky and Jeff and the rest of the Pro Tem Committee. Go ahead and achieve our dream. I am always proud of you all.


Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz