Petronas Twin Tower, Sepang F1 Circuit, KLIA etc are amongst the landmarks and development that make us proud to be Malaysians. No matter what the critics will tell you, but those developments truly have made us so united.

I respected those critics that against government u-turn in calling Bahasa Melayu as Bahasa Malaysia again. But, I applauded the move. I truly believe it is our language and should be name after us, Malaysia!

I am very happy that lately PAK LAH chose to increase the salary for civil servants, and that will also mean I shall benefit from it. I congratulate QUEPACS for a job well done. Let’s not politicise such decision. I have again found hope in our Prime Minister, the hope that I used to have when he was first in power.

Nevertheless, if the government failed to control the increase in the prices of goods, it will only mean two things, first, the increment will mean nothing and secondly, those who do not benefit from the increment will have to suffer more and more.

Marrying my late drinking buddy’s ex wife, Datin Seri Jean(ne) Danker also mark my new respect for Pak Lah. Unfortunately, The KL people had to suffer because after their first night, KL got flooded. Mmm! No, I do not mean to say PAK LAH pancut until the whole KL flooded.

I really hope Sazmi Miah will blame the flood to the destruction of Lojing because he seems to think (Did he has that capability) that there is no more tree in Lojing. So, I want to apologise to DBKL and KL folks, because we in Kelantan cut all the trees than you guys had to clean the mud that cause by our disruptive behaviour.

As you know, we in Kelantan are really brutal. We love people like Annuar Musa because he really work hard to eradicate the money for the poor people. We adore people like Annuar Musa because he has sacrificed his wife to polish our new first Lady’s shoes even before we can think of how to show our appreciation to the new first Lady.

We the Kelantanese love scandals that we kept our mouth shut from asking Najib Tun Razak, why on earth did he signed few letters to foreign embassies requesting visa on behalf of a Mongolian lady to travel to certain parts of Europe with him and his buddy whom shared his father’s name.

So to continue my serial on Kelantan: This is Malaysia, I am going to show how we had sell our state to our Chinese friends by never stopping them to build schools, temples, restaurants etc. Oops, actually, we do not know that they are Chinese, we taught they are Malaysian. Mmm, aren’t the Chinese, Indian and others are Malaysian too? Are we wrong for sharing our treeless state with all races?