Beginning today, I will highlight the other side of Kelantan, which mostly you will never going to see in the mainstream media.

When a country are rules by the name of God and followed closely what’s the Al Mighty had aligned for you, that, as the citizen of the god fearing state, you have nothing to fear no matter what is the religion stated in your my card.

UMNO said, while they are busy building the tallest building in the world, the Islamic Government of Kelantan are busy becoming unIslamic by soliciting in developing worshipping place for other religious.

I said, while the keris wagging UMNO keep reminding other races of the social contract whatsoever, Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, keep reminding everybody that, how beautiful Islam is and how peaceful life can be under the rules of the Al Mighty.

I am not going to talk about religion, But what I am going to portray through Kickdefella is how The PAS Lead Government of Kelantan should be taken seriously by the non-Muslim as the actual role model government for our beloved Malaysia.

This series which I called Kelantan : This Is Malaysia, will show to you how religious freedom and multi ethnic society prosperous under the rule of God-Fearing-Human-Being.

If you elect a god fearing leader, rest assured, this leader will feared nothing but God and will do nothing but what God asked. Then, let us all ask ourselves, did our God ever asked us to discriminate others. Did our God asked us to hate each other. Did our God asked us to wipe out all other religion except our own?

Malaysia is so blessed with such multi diversity in all aspects. Let us cherish it. This is nothing but God’s gift.

Tuan Guru Dato’ Haji Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the engineer of beautiful Malaysia

We never had the chance to choose where we begin, but we can always choose where we want to stop

Religous freedom in Kelantan part 1.