“My political future, never a big concern for me” – Husam Musa


Today is the second day of the 53rd Muktamar of PAS which is being held at PUTIK, Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan. The night before, The PAS Youth and Women’s Wing (Dewan Pemuda dan Muslimat) saw the professionals and reformist candidates collapsed after a dramatic swept by them two years ago.

My Bro Saifuddin called me after the result was announced. Will the same pattern repeated during the Muktamar? If so, what will happen to Dato’ Husam? Will he retain his position as the highest scoring Vice President this time?

As an outsider, I am curious to see which direction the delegates going vote because, this will surely determine how the party will be accepted by the electoral in the upcoming General Election.

Are they going to vote for Islam? Are they going to vote for political future of Pas in Kelantan and the rest of Malaysia or are they going to vote for both?

Tun Dr. Mahathir has spoken about how, the Non Malay (outside Kelantan) voted for PAS before. If PAS really hoping to gain more ground in Kedah and other parts of Malaysia, they will have to rely on the Non Malay votes. I strongly believe, the outcome of yesterday’s voting will determine how PAS going to weather the Non Malays votes in next General Election.


The Lone Ranger arrives.


The Delegates


The Ballot Paper.


Determining the future.